Picture Wall

Guess who finally finished her picture wall?! Exclamation point! It’s been finished for about two weeks but I keep forgetting to take a picture of it when the sun is up and there is light in the hallway. This is our entry way, right when you walk in our front door:

I love it because it isn’t perfect. It is a hodgepodge of frames- some we had, some from the Salvation Army, different thicknesses and sizes. Seriously, a few of them were like fifty cents. I spray painted some of them, and others I just dabbed with craft paint to get a distressed look. I sanded most of them too. I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures of the process of this- it was a good project for me.

This is a super easy project to do on a budget. All the frames I bought at a discount or from a thrift store, the mats are from Michael’s 40% off sale, and the photos I had printed at Costco. You can never go wrong with Costco. The two goldish frames were my grandma’s, and it makes me smile to think that I have a little bit of her style in my house.

I played with the layout on the carpet of our music room for a few days. (It is officially the music room now, fyi, more to come on that.) Finally when I had the shape I wanted, I did a LOT of measuring. Dad always says, “Measure twice, cut once.” The hanging was the trickiest part, if it wasn’t just right it would drive me completely nutso. Even now, I take the leveler every few days and make sure everything is hanging evenly.

My next project is Isabelle’s First Birthday and I’m starting to get so excited, I even had a dream about plates and napkins last night. Obsessed much?

4 thoughts on “Picture Wall

  1. AMAZING! I love it. So many fun pictures. Great way to welcome people into your home.


  2. I do not see my picture here. I will assume this is an oversight.


  3. I love it! It just… fits.


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