11 Months

Dear Isabelle,

Yesterday marked your eleventh month since birth. Eleven months!

We made you a Mi character on the Wii Fit so we could weigh you and last we checked you are about 21 pounds and just barely 30 inches long- I think it’s time to get you a new car seat! You are sleeping better and eating more table food since you have eight teeth and two more on the way. You love Yobaby yogurt and eat that almost every single day. Other favorites include puffs, cheese squares, raisins, peaches, pears, and beans and rice. I know when you are finished eating because you politely drop your food on the floor. Done!

This month your mobility went from 0-60 in about five seconds flat. You went from a slow scoot to a furiously fast crawl, getting into everything you can possibly reach. You also walk along the couches, to the door, to the walls- really anywhere as long as you can lean on something. You can take a few steps on your own but are so cautious and careful, you hardly ever fall. Sometimes when there is music on, you do this funny wiggle dance with a big smile on your face. When you want to read books, you simply crawl to the bookcase and pull them all off of the shelf. I’m blown away by how much you love to read- the other day we went through 15 books in a row before you got bored and scooted off my lap.

As always, you love to go. To the grocery store, to grandma’s house, to playgroup- really anywhere, it doesn’t matter. You smile and clap when I grab the keys and head for the door with the carseat in tow. Often when we are out, total strangers comment on your beauty, how cute you are and how pretty your face is. My feathers always puff up a little bit, I am so proud. We go everywhere together and it is so fun to have a little buddy to be with all the time.

Yesterday you came down with a cold. An awful, sniffly congesty kind of cold and I feel very helpless. We are doing everything we can to make your comfortable, but I would give anything just to take that away so you could sleep peacefully. Even though you feel pretty crappy, you have been happy and smiling most of the day today, walking around and babbling to yourself. (Also, don’t learn the word “crappy.”) Hopefully this will pass quickly and you can get back to your normal little self.

I keep thinking that the stage you are in is my favorite stage, but then you grow and learn and develop and it keeps getting more fun. I know soon you will be walking on your own and my life as I know it will be totally over, but that’s okay. Late at night before we fall asleep, your father and I always discuss our favorite parts of the day and somehow that always includes you. You are always my favorite part of every day, you sweet baby of mine.

Love, love, love you.



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