Things I don’t want you to know.

I’ve seen this going around the blogosphere recently and unlike it’s popular counterpart, 25 Things About Me, I actually like this little exercise. The point is to erase the shiny facade of the blog and get down to the good stuff, the nitty gritty. Sometimes I read blogs and I think, “whoa, this mom is perfect. She cooks homemade food every meal and is skinny and stylish and she washes her hair everyday and takes kids to perfect playgroups and sews and knits and paints and decorates.” I feel overwhelmed easily when comparing myself to these wonder women, but I have to remember that they aren’t perfect either! It’s nice to find out other people’s quirks. Anyway, here are some of mine.

1. I judge people based on their favorite movies.
2. I don’t vacuum nearly as much as I should because I genuinely hate it.
3. I bite my lip when I am bored/nervous/anxious.
4. I feel guilty when Isabelle doesn’t wear her clothes evenly, or if she grows out of something before she gets a chance to wear it.
5. Some days I’d rather be skinny and ugly than fat and pretty.
6. If I have people coming over and need to clean up quickstyle, a lot of stuff gets tucked in my laundry room. Don’t peek.
7. I probably eat a quarter of the vegetables that I should.
8. I’m terrible at keeping up with my old friends, and I regret not being in better contact.
9. I’m very critical slash proud of my blog and often re-read old entries when no one is looking.
10. I have extremely dry feet. Most nights I have to sleep with lanolin and socks on them to prevent giant cracks. Gross, right.
11. During the day my living room looks like rainbow vomit. I don’t clean up toys until after Isabelle is sleeping. I never thought I would have so many annoyingly bright toys littering my carpet.

12.  I’m terrified that when we are old, Jazz will die before me and I’ll be alone. He is my best friend and is so good to me.
13.  I own a bumpit. And a snuggie.
14.  I check facebook too often. It’s like a bad habit. (You know you do too.)
15.  I will confess that I am an emotional eater.
16. Sometimes I worry that I’m forgetting stuff I went to school to learn. Like geography. Or math. Or spelling.
17. One time I came out of my in-law’s bathroom with toilet paper sticking out of my pants. And then I trailed it around for awhile.
18. I don’t eat tomatoes but I love ketchup.
19. I miss my sisters. That’s not something I don’t want you to know. I just miss them.
20. I’ve never ever been a morning person, but it is kind of nice to get up with Isabelle before the sun rises.

K, your turn- I wanna know some of your quirks!

5 thoughts on “Things I don’t want you to know.

  1. Um so you are that “perfect mom” in my eyes…the one that I wish I could be! I would re-read by blog too if it was as good as yours! This made me smile.


  2. I am totally doing this when I get back home tomorrow. Also, if you think your living room is bad, you have no idea how messy mine can get. No idea I am telling you!! It truly is embarrasing.


  3. I spend WAY too much time reading other people's blogs and wishing mine were better, but I don't post on my own blog nearly enough to make it good! And by the way, I totally want to steal this for a future post on my blog!


  4. First, #18 – me, too!!! Can't hardly tolerate tomatoes, but like ketchup.And, we must be cool, because we have the same TV and TV center! IKEA, right??? #20 – Tell me about it. 9 years of seminary. I had to get up at 4:30 AM just so I could speak by 6:30 AM!!! 😉


  5. I get odd clothes guilt, too. Sometimes I really have to talk myself out of putting something on Douglas that I openly dislike just because it's been hanging there. However, I have no problem keeping a shirt for WAY too long when it doesn't look good on me or fit me on the off chance that I MIGHT want to ever wear it in the future, which never happens. Ryan one day will pull something out and say, “You should wear this; you never do” and I say, “I never wear it because I hate it” and he asks “Then why do you keep it?” and I end up starting a new “donate” bag.


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