Whiskeytown falls

Saturday morning we left early to go hike Whiskeytown Falls, about thirty minutes outside of Redding. It’s a beautiful two mile hike and it was a lovely little reminder how totally and completely out of shape I am. I was kind of like a baby orca, trying to flop my way up a steep beach. Not pretty. Luckily, we brought my packmule dad who carried Izzie in the bjorn all the way up, and all the way down. Warning, pictures follow wherein I am sweaty and makeup-less. Proceed with caution.

Fancy Falls
Check this- Isabelle loved drinking from my dad’s camelbak. How cute is that? really!
Can you find them?

3 thoughts on “Whiskeytown falls

  1. He he, I know how that feels! What a beautiful waterfall!! I love it! Your going to think I am retarded… but I didnt know that California had places like that! It's gorgeous.


  2. Oh my goodness, drinking from the Camelbak… SQUEEEEEAL!


  3. Been to the falls – such a great hike.


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