Birthday hang over.

I’m at that post-birthday crash where you realize you have eaten your year’s allotment of calories within the past seven days. I woke up this morning feeling a little like Jabba the Hut- sluggish, achy, puffy, and a little bit violent. Nobody likes to feel like that. I attribute that to lack of regular exercise, weird sleep patterns, and eating much like a sumo. 100 percent my fault.

I was determined to exercise this morning, and since I missed the window of opportunity to venture outside before the sun heats up the pavement and melts the stroller wheels, I opted for living room yoga. I have a yoga DVD somewhere, but of course I couldn’t find it. This is how it went.

1. Option One: Find yoga DVD. Status: Failed. Not in garage, not in DVD cupboard, likely in a  dusty box somewhere. Moving on.

2. Option Two: Use Wii to stream  a Netflix DVD. Status: Failed. Replaced Wii remote batteries. Hooked up to Internet. Netflix needed an initial hook up DVD mailed to me. Abandoned project. Tried not to to freak out and bash TV with little tykes baby’s first piano.

3. Option Three: Use XBOX to stream a Netflix DVD: Status: Failed. Remotes not synced. Synced remote. Replaced battery. Lined up netflix queue. XBOX not connecting to Internet. Restarted router. Restarted XBOX. Sweating, despite not working out yet. More determined than ever to do some sort of yoga. Thinking of just making some poses up.

4. Option Four: Use the Wii Fit Balance Board for boring and slow yoga poses. Status: Failed. Balance board Mia. Possible location: with yoga DVD.

Then I quit. I figured the Yoga Satan had won.. Isabelle thought this whole process was quite funny and was entertained the whole time- which I guess is worth something.. Then I remembered that Netflix can stream to a computer! Which I own!

5. Option Five: Stop being such an idiot and view the yoga DVD via full laptop screen. Status: Success! 45 minutes and one dirty diaper later, I was feeling so much better.

And so, I embark on the familiar quest to lose some weight. It was really helpful for me to blog about it in the spring when I lost and kept off 30 pounds, so I’ll probably do some more tracking on the blog. Isabelle’s birthday is in 11 weeks. (Whaaaaat?!) so I’m trying to lose ten pounds by then. Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week so I think that is totally achievable. Right? I think I can, I think I can. I saw some pictures from a thing I went to a few weeks ago and it was like, whoa, who invited Shamu. I really want to enjoy Isabelle’s birthday party without wondering if my chin looks fat or if my chunks are showing or if I should move for a better angle. It’s far too exhausting.

Here is Isabelle mid-clap, she’s excited too:

5 thoughts on “Birthday hang over.

  1. Kuddos to you for working out. I am yet to make it that far. Your cheerleader is pretty darn cute. I can't believe in 11 weeks she will be 1!!!


  2. Losing weight is such a battle. And you always want to FEEL the way people keep telling you look. I think it is awesome that you are trying so hard. It is hard to keep it up. If your like me, its a roller coaster. You will be pumped, and do AWESOME for a week. When you dont see the results right away, yuo get bummed for a day (or two depending on the intensity), and then keep going. Ha! I think you rock. You can do it girl!


  3. I'm just looking through old photo albums to scan a couple pictures for my blog. I am so much cuter when I don't weigh 200 pounds.I better get on the bandwagon. I did walk this am. Time for more.


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  5. Micci, I love reading your blog. You are hilarious, and you say things the way I wish I could say them! Plus, Isabelle is a doll. She is just so cute! Also, I am right there with trying to lose weight too. Baby weight #3 is going to take longer than the others, I think.


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