BirthMonth Giveaway Winner

I’m happily eating my final piece of birthday cake, appropriately at the close of a fantastic weekend. Anyway-

The winner of the $60 BirthMonth Giveaway Winner is:
And comment number 23 was submitted by:
(For the conclusion of Adrienne’s favorite birthday memory from the year 3029, please see the full comment from the original post.)
Congratulations Adrienne! Maybe CSN has some space-age year 3029 stuff you can use in the future. I’ll be emailing you with details about your win. Adrienne is my dear friend from BYU, we first met in the dorms and when I met her I immediately thought, “Well, we will never be friends.” Turns out, her wild blue spandex, affinity for neon, and love of cheese sucked me in and we ended up living together our first and second year. She flew all the way from NYC to attend my wedding, and just twenty days after Isabelle was born, we attended her wedding reception in SLC. Adrienne, I miss your face, come over and swim sometime. Or, take me a ride in your space ship.

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