Turning 26.

Phew! It’s hard to find time for blogging with ALL OF THESE BIRTHDAY FESTIVITIES HAPPENING.
I slipped into my bed Thursday night only to hear the crinkling of wrapping paper, the tsss-tsck of a tape dispenser, and then woke up to this:
My husband bought me shoes and cereal, he knows me so well! And really, what could beat carbs and gladiator sandals?
I spent the morning with my blue-eyed, fuzzy-haired baby.
Had lunch with some old friends. Took a nap. Scrubbed some toilets.
Got the mail. Got a package! Got excited.
Treated to delicious steak dinner with by husband, sans blue-eyed baby.
Met up with family for delicious all white cake. My favorite.
Had some help blowing out candles
Opened some amazeballs presents. Loved everything.
Stole me some birthday baby kisses
Then made it just in time to see a *free* animated birthday movie with my husband.
I fell asleep all happy last night after receiving texts and phone calls and facebook messages-I felt pretty special. I love my birthday. Thanks for remembering, everyone. (Not that I would let you forget, but still- thanks.)
*Tomorrow, check back for the winner of my birthday giveaway! Exclamation point.

1 thought on “Turning 26.

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! Glad you had an awesome day. You are beautiful.


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