Craigslist find #2389

Jazz would have a heart attack if I had purchased 2400 things off of craigslist. So I exaggerate a bit. Who doesn’t.

Anyway, we have never actually had a dresser/changing table for Isabelle. In our Sandy apartment, there just wasn’t room, and we put the changing pad on the spare bed in the nursery. Or the kitchen. Or the floor. Then we moved, then we were homeless, then we moved again. And on the List of Stuff to Do to the New House, it just hasn’t made the top of the list.  Most dressers we have looked at are between $400 and $1000, especially the ones that match the crib we have. I have been scouring Craigslist for months and months waiting for a perfect find to pop up.

And it never did. Soooo I stopped checking craigslist twice a day and figured we’d eventually have to shell out big bucks for a nice dresser somewhere down the road.

Saturday morning we were just puttering around the house and Jazz showed me a picture of a dresser HE had found on Craigslist. I immediately said GO GET THAT THING RIGHT NOW PLEASE IF YOU LOVE ME AT ALL.

And so he did! $200 bucks and an hour later, he even cleaned the dresser inside and out and brought it into Isabelle’s room. Did I mention he did this while Isabelle and I napped? Oh glorious husband of mine! It was used to stage a house, so it’s brand new and has never even had stuff in it. It is perfect for Izzie’s room, it is the right size and the right color and now I can organize to my heart’s delight.

I’m thinking of having some of Isabelle’s 9-month photos printed onto canvasses for that wall space. Thoughts?
In other news, guess who is mobile.

PS Don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Scroll down for deets.

2 thoughts on “Craigslist find #2389

  1. Seriously you found that on Craiglist? Maybe I should look on there! Canvases would be so cute on the wall. Do you know a good place to get them?What? She is crawling! Your days are over! 🙂


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