9 Months

Dear Isabelle,

On Sunday we celebrated our country’s birthday and also marked nine months of your adorable little life. At this point you have spent more time outside of my tummy than inside of it- which feels surreal since I felt like I was pregnant forever. At your check up today you were 18 pounds two ounces and a little over 28 inches long. I can’t believe how much you have grown in the last few months, you really, really like solid food. You have shot up from the 20th percentile to the 50th percentile in height, and the 15th percentile to 25th percentile in weight. Well done, little one.

You are such a happy baby, constantly smiling and showing off your four little teeth. You love to clap, but you especially love to clap with objects in your hands so you make noise. Anything that makes a loud banging noise totally keeps you entertained. That, and a variety of balls- they are your favorite. One day in early June, you just started sitting up by yourself, like you could do it the whole time, you were just waiting for the perfect moment to surprise us and show off your skills. You’ve also started loving the peekaboo game, though no one gets you giggling quite as hard as Grandpa does (even during inappropriate times, such as church.) Your favorite thing to do is to grab on to my index fingers with your little hands and walk all over the house with perfectly pointed ballet feet.

You are so cute with your little hands and fingers, they are so graceful and petite. Your motor skills are getting so fine and developed- you love to open and close the doors on this random toy over and over and over. You are so good at picking up the small pieces of Ritz cracker off of your high chair tray and putting them in your mouth. Sometimes I find them in your hair or in the chair or on the floor and that’s okay too. Those are just sweet reminders that you are here and in my life and I love that.

This month we spent a wonderful day at the temple being sealed together as a family. I know you won’t ever remember how it felt to be there or to experience it, but I will.  I will remember how it looked to be all dressed in white, to be surrounded by our family in the sealing room. I will remember how it felt to hold you close, to put your tiny little hand on mine, and to be united eternally. I promise to remember as much as I can so that I can always tell you how special it really was. There is such comfort and such relief knowing that you are ours forever and ever, well beyond the temporal death of mortality.

Lately when you have trouble falling asleep, and let’s face it, you are not setting any records in the sleeping department, you want to be comforted a bit. Usually this entails some back rubbing or lullaby singing, but recently you want to be picked up just for a minute. In that short minute, your head relaxes on my shoulder, your eyes droop, your arms go slack, your feet dangle, and you totally fall asleep. Then I can feel your breathing against mine- our skin cheek to cheek, chests rising and falling in syncopation. And in the morning, when I greet you in your crib to lift your sleepy body back onto my shoulder, your fingers curl around the flyaway hairs that didn’t quite make it into my ponytail. I begin my day with you, and I end my day with you. It is perfection.

Love, love, love you.



3 thoughts on “9 Months

  1. What a sweet baby girl! Do I almost see a little roll on her leg in that last picture?


  2. She is so cute and getting so big!


  3. I really miss you guys ❤


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