Mom’s 50th

Yesterday we celebrated my mom’s fiftieth birthday!

Doesn’t she look about 35? She is amazing.
For her birthday, we created a book for her- a compilation of letters and thoughts and pictures from her family and many close friends. I think she really loved it. I had a great time putting it together using Blurb (a really great and easy program). I have been SO anxious to give it to her! She opened the book last night and spent a good portion of the evening reading through it. We even skyped Sean and Rachel in from Irvine so they could be here with us.

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

4 thoughts on “Mom’s 50th

  1. Happy Birthday to your cute mom! What an awesome idea for a birthday present!


  2. “I think she liked it”. Are you kidding me? She loved it! Good work Micci – you are officially the most thoughtful. The book is awesome.


  3. Happy Birthday to Cindy!! I love Blurb… I print my blog into scrapbooks since it's my “journal” and it's very affordable, too.


  4. Such a great memory gift. Those are the best kind. Happy birthday to my li'l cous.


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