This much cuteness should be illegal.

We had some photos taken of Isabelle a few weeks ago to document her little life and to get a family picture together. Our photographer was the very talented Kara Stewart and as soon as I met her I felt like we were kindreds- the shoot was so much fun. We just got the results back today and seriously, I cried a little they turned out so well. SO WELL. They are totally my style and they fit Izzie’s personality and now I want to enlarge them all and plaster them on every available wall in our house.

I don’t know how I am going to choose just a few to put on this blog. Maybe twenty? Thirty? They are all so great! Exclamation point exclamation point! Can you tell I’m excited?

Okay thats probably enough. SIKE THERE ARE MORE!…can’ it…
OK I AM DONE. I can’t believe I posted that many. I just couldn’t choose. Which one is your fav?

10 thoughts on “This much cuteness should be illegal.

  1. Mic-These are so great! I'm glad you posted so many! In fact I hope there are more. Kara did a great job. I think my favorite is the one where she is propped up on her hands and you can see her little hairline. It just looks like “izzie” to me :). And the family one-where you guys are standing up, even Jazz has a great smile in this photie.


  2. BEAUTIFUL! Just so beautiful.


  3. that was Callie, by the way, signed into my husband's account. Sorry if you thought some weirdo named Craig was snooping on your blog and leaving comments! 🙂


  4. Mics! I LOVE HER! And I love you! You look great! 4 Exclamation points!I'm in CA, but not Redding. But we are close!


  5. Mics! I LOVE HER! And I love you! You look great! 4 Exclamation points!I'm in CA, but not Redding. But we are close!


  6. Those turned out so well! I love all the family pictures. The others.. your right.. there are WAY too many to pick from!!! Amazing.


  7. How could you pick a favorite when they are all SO cute? I love the ones in her cute chair. Good thing you have your new house so you can put pictures of her everywhere! :)Your family picture is awesome and you look amazing in it!


  8. I love the jean jacket and blue hat, super cute. Also, you look GREAT! Where did you get those cute jeans?


  9. Oh those are the cutest pictures! I love them. I think the first pic is my fav, but the family ones of the three of you are adorable too. You guys look great!


  10. I just love these! CLEARLY she has style at the young age of 9 months. Style & attitude. Work the camera Isabelle, work it!


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