Yesterday, Jazz finally got LASIK surgery. (Btw, LASIK is an acronym, so it is capitalized. see?) All four of my siblings have done it, plus both sister-in-laws. In case you are wondering, yes, I have perfect vision because I am the favorite child. Obvi. If you need some LASIK, there are two little sisters left to marry so put a ring on it and get your screening. Just kidding.

My super cute sandals covered up. Total surgical crime.
It is a fairly quick outpatient procedure- Jazz was awake the whole time, but got a few doses of Xanex to calm the nerves and to relax his eyeballs. I got to go in and watch, which was really fun. Nothing says “I love you” like a giant bunny suit and a hair net.
“I think I have a floater. Wait, who are you again?”
Checking flaps post-op.
Every time I watch my dad do surgery, I feel like he is such a rockstar just slicin’ and dicin’ and making people see better. I know he absolutely loves what he does, and that makes all the difference. Even with me there being silly and scribbling on Jazz’s leg with a medical skin pen, he was so professional and I am constantly impressed with his massive medical expertise.
Aren’t these goggles awesome. Now he really looks like Chowder from Monster House.
Jazz had his checkup this morning and was already 20/15 in one eye, 20/20 in the other. If those aren’t some impressive results, I don’t know what are. Hey Dad- thanks for fixing up my husband’s eyes. You are the best ever. Now he can see me roll my perfect eyes from across the room- without the assistance of glasses!

Some funny stuff he said/did with Xanax on board:

“Would you still love me if I quit everything to become a nascar driver?”
“Oh, JaNae- she is my food buddy. She likes tomato juice!”
“You know what sounds good? DONUTS. The powdered kind.”
“Thanks for holding my hand during the second eye.” Me: “uhhh, that wasn’t me.”
And every time someone would come out of surgery ahead of him, (and periodically after his surgery) Jazz would put his hands into little gun shapes and make “pzzew pzzew” noises like he had tiny lasers in his fingers. “Laser hands! Laser Jazz!”
PS. Blog overhaul in progress. What do we think?

5 thoughts on “Lasercats

  1. lol! He got the HIGH treatment if they gave him stuff to relax. I got PRK (lasik) and it was NASTY!!! and I didnt get crap to calm me down! Lucky Jazz… but he will love it!!!


  2. I love lasercats. and although i grew quite attached to the old format, change is good. and this is cute. distressed white wood background? total mic… leigh likes.


  3. Yea for Jazz. Love the things he was saying!The new blog looks great…so you.


  4. I will marry a sister for LASIK, although I think that isn't allowed. But hey, free lasik. 🙂


  5. Those goggles make me want to say swear words describing how cool they are.


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