More of Maui

We all read some books, even the little ones:

I read the first two books in the Hunger Games series (really great.) and I’m sad to admit that I caved and started reading the Fablehaven series. If you have ever seen these books, they look so ridiculous, it was hard for me to get past the illustrations of centaurs and witches and dragons on the front covers. It was worth it though, they are fun to read. I used to make so much fun of my siblings toting around such silly looking books. Oh how the mighty fall.
We ate at our favorite Cheeseburger’s in paradise:

We watched some sunsets and did some shopping:

And even did some ziplining: (we had to split up so we didn’t abandon our babies all at once)
Aaaand that’s my super cool peter pan mom, who was very first to leap off the platform.

1 thought on “More of Maui

  1. ummm basically I LURVE FABLEHAVEN and I'm so glad you started reading them! They are so fun!p.s. Izzie is the most beautiful child on the planet and I need to see her when I get back from India. This is a must.


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