What am I, the worst blogger ever. I think this might be a record of total posting fail. It’s been like two weeks, and I’ve got like 324892×8 things to update about. I just could not get motivated to post while on vacation- I kept thinking I would do it the next day and the next day and soon we were on a plane home. I guess that is the point of vacation, right? We took over 400 pictures in ten days, so I’ll probably break the trip up into a few smaller posts. In a nutshell:

1. We had a really awesome time.
2. Izzie rocked the plane rides. I mean, basically she was a professional baby flyer.
3. Madilyn + Isabelle = Magic
4. I ate my weight in food
5. I read three books. THREE! Exclamation point!

Turns out, Isabelle would rather swim than do ANYTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD. She loved it- even though the water was a bit cold. It was an awesome way to tire her out before nap time. Here are some pictures from all of our swimming adventures.

 More to come!

5 thoughts on “Helllloooo?

  1. Can I be little again so I can wear swimsuits that cute? The yellow is by far by favorite. She is just too adorable.


  2. how many swimmers does that girlie have?? i love the hooded one! & every summer they have to have a yellow one, right? 🙂 glad you had fun, it mainly rained in nor cal so… JEALOUS.


  3. Isabelle has never looked cuter than in her swimsuits! Wow. SO CUTE!


  4. Oh my heck! Those swimming suits!! Too cute!


  5. Madilyn's glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop with these cute pictures.


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