Last bit of our trip…

Raise your hand if you are bored of posts about Maui. Well, too bad because this blog doubles as a family journal for us so suck it up. This is the last one, I promise. More pictures of course.

One of our favorite parts about Maui is the Lahaina First Ward. We always attend church while we are there and its wonderful to know that our church is the same no matter where we are.
All clean!
Who needs toys when you have a fancy plastic bottle.
Beardy Jazz has lasted longer than the winter…
Just before bedtime, the giggliest time of the day.
We were kind sad to leave such a beautiful and relaxing place. At least we didn’t return home to snow, like Sabrina did. Sorry dude, move to California already.

4 thoughts on “Last bit of our trip…

  1. Yeah yeah, cute swimsuit, blah blah. I want to see her in a muumuu.


  2. Do I see little teeth popped through?!? Ah!


  3. Hey, I am going to make my blog private. If you want to leave me your email I will add you to my list 🙂


  4. The family picture is the cutest thing ever. Was that the best Maui trip yet? Izzie is the best dressed baby in the world.


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