Spring Cleaning

The other day I dumped out the garbage bags containing my shoes from the various times we have moved. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen them all (hello yellow sandals!). I sorted them out and went through them and eventually put some in the goodwill pile. It felt good. It felt so good that I dragged all of our storage containers of clothes into the house to do the same thing. I made a closet pile, a salvation army pile, a winter pile, a maternity pile, an extra fat pile, and an in-your-dreams pile. I can hope, right? Eventually they went into buckets in the garage- but I filled six garbage bags of items for donation. Aren’t you proud?

We are about 85% unpacked and moved into the house now that the carpet has been installed. Is carpet installed? or laid? Whatever. The garage is navigable and we only have a few more brown boxes to go through. And by “we” I mean Jazz, and by “few” I mean “ten to twelve.” Just kidding. Sort of.

The super fun part now is decorating everything. Granted, it will take some time to accumulate stuff and figure out where to put it, but that’s the best part. Everyday I find new crap on craigslist and think Hmm. I could totally refinish/sand/paint/create that into something else. I love craigslist with all of my heart and soul. Unfortunately, Jazz does not feel the same way. (“Um, why do you want to buy a vintage birdhouse?” “Because it’s awesome!”)

Right now I’m trying to decide where to put our current decor, and it’s harder than I thought. Before, we had basically one wall and it was mostly like, hey, let’s put everything on that wall. Now I have options, and my brain doesn’t know how to handle that. Plus, every hole we make I cringe a little bit knowing it is permanent and there is no landlord to come and spackle the thing once I decide I hate it there. See? Choices. I was looking at blogs the other day and found a perfect example of the photo wall I want to create in the front hallway. I forgot to save it and now I can’t find it again and my entire life has stopped until I can FIND THAT PICTURE. It has consumed me.

I do have to say how extremely happy we all are to be in such a spacious house. Isabelle even opened her tiny toothless mouth and garbled something in baby language. She really meant it. Btw, she is getting so much bigger. She just seems so different every morning, I can’t believe how much she has changed in the last month or so. Something that hasn’t changed however is her communal wake up party 2-3 times a night. We are going on vacation in about three weeks and I am 1) petrified about the 6 hour flight since she doesn’t always fall asleep easily slash never ever takes a paci and 2) excited that the 3 hour time difference means her usual wake up time of 6 AM will be more like 3 AM. Fun!

No, but seriously, we love our house. It already feels like home. The carpet that we picked is really beautiful and was totally worth the two week wait. Isabelle rolls around on it all the time and I’m so thankful there is no pet excrement to worry about. And did I tell you that the people across the street are the Sorensen’s too? Except they spell it SorensOn’s. I have a feeling we will be exchanging a lot of mail.

PS. I spaced finishing this blog for a few hours and I totally found that picture. Plus- I made some rkt hybrids. SUCCESS!

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. You will have to post the photo wall on here so that when I want to steal it I won't have to look as hard as you did.


  2. Which pile did your peach shoes end up in?How bout some pics of the swanky new house?


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