How to pack for a trip with a baby.

Step One: Get out most everything you own.
Step Two: Put it in a suitcase.
Step Three. Put the suitcase in the car.

Please Note:

  • You will likely pack for cold weather, and experience summer temperatures.
  • No matter what, you will not bring enough wipes.
  • 75% of your clothes will be dirty by the end of the first day.
  • A run to Target is inevitable.
  • In packing everything for your child, you will forget all the necessities for yourself.
  • You will need a baby carrier, a bumbo, a stroller, and a car seat.
  • Your baby will definitely get bored of all the toys you brought within a few hours.
  • FYI, a small bottle of sunscreen will cost $12 inside Disneyland.

I’m not going to lie, this whole packing thing was a challenge for me. First of all, Jazz didn’t go with us which meant I was flying solo. That isn’t exactly true because I had tons and I mean tons of great help from my family. Before we left, I stood in Isabelle’s room to pack and just stared at her closet for a good ten minutes. Everything was out of place from the move and I didn’t even know where to start. Would she need a coat? Just a light jacket? Leg warmers? A hat? Two hats? I started building outfits, then had to add shoes and hair accessories (obviously.) and soon I had a huge pile of clothes. Not having taken a trip before really made it trixy, I had no idea how many diapers we would need (20? 300?) or how many bibs we would go through. I’m so used to having everything so close, plus the convenience of a washing machine, my whole brain was out of whack.

Then I thought of my parents. Who had five Isabelle’s. With five times as much stuff. In a smaller, less spacious car. MOM AND DAD, HOW DID YOU TAKE US ANYWHERE. I truly have a new appreciation for family vacations, I’m sure it was less of a “vacation” and more like “torturous hard work” for my parents. Just the coordination of clean laundry boggles my mind.

The entire trip went smoother than I imagined- Isabelle was mostly well behaved. I say mostly because there were a few occasions of fusstastic behavior, but all in all, it was wonderful. The day before we left for Irvine, I hopped on craigslist and found a used Baby Bjorn. We have an Ergo carrier for Isabelle- which was wonderful when she was new, it kept her snuggly and warm in the Utah weather. Now that she is a bit bigger, she is too big to carry the infant way and still too small to fit the regular, baby way in the Ergo. Eventually she will fit into it again. Mom suggested a front carrier just to see how it would work for now and seriously people IT WAS INGENIOUS. Isabelle loved it. Nay, she ADORED it. She giggled and smiled and laughed, all the while thinking “silly mom. this is all I wanted.” As a result, most of her pictures from the trip are of her strapped to someone’s chest. She is also doing so much better eating solid food and sleeping more at night. Hallelujah!

We met beautiful baby Jakob and spent time with Sean and Rachel. Rachel has transitioned into being a mother so seamlessly, I think around this time when I had Isabelle I was still hibernating in sweatpants and being anti-social. She is rocking the whole mom thing! The blessing day was so lovely, Sean’s prayer for Jake was so special. After church we had a BBQ at Sean’s, outside in the Southern California weather. PS I am moving there. It was so nice outside, people napped on the grass! In Redding, we have three days of spring and then BAM, it is too hot to keep your chapstick in you car.

We also spent some time at Disneyland with our family. Every time we go, the dynamic of our group has changed a little bit. When we were kids (ok teenagers and adults too) we ran from ride to ride, packing it in and closing down the park. This trip was so low-key, we didn’t feel like we had to rush around and see everything. We took Madi on Peter Pan and Dumbo. Isabelle’s first and only ride was on the Jungle Cruise. We walked through Tarzan’s treehouse and sat and watched the Princess Frog performance. Our churro consumption, however, remained the same. There is something so magical about taking a child to Disneyland. Suddenly, everything is a little more sparkly and shiny- it was so much fun seeing disney through Madilyn’s eyes.

And Monday night when I returned home, I was so thankful to see Jazz. He had flowers on the counter for me. He missed me. I missed him. I love being married.

Cue the photos.

Izzie’s only Disney ride: the Jungle Cruise. Mostly she’s trying to figure out how to get that entire pole in her mouth.

Just hanging out in our jammies. You know.

Baardson + Sumsion Families

Waiting for everyone outside Tower of Terror

Aaaaand baby bjorn time continues.

Sean and Rach and baby Jake on blessing day

Sometimes I pretend she is mine. Did I mention she calls me Mimi?

Baby’s first Disneyland visit

Fancy hat!

Madilyn was so careful and gentle.

“If you just throw your weight to one side, you start to roll. See? Try it!”

Scott and JaNae meeting Jake
Holding Jakob reminded me how small Isabelle was as a newborn- made me want another one! Sike. I mean, yeah sure but later please.

4 thoughts on “How to pack for a trip with a baby.

  1. True that road trips/vacations are SO much work, but totally worth it. Lucky you had so much help. I remember the first time Tanner went on vacation…I think his suitcase weighed 50 lbs. Loved all the pictures. Jealous that you got to go to Disneyland. Now for some pictures of your new house!


  2. K you got some great pictures of you and Izzie! You both look fantastic!


  3. Jakob is small… ISH! Honestly he's practically Isabelle's size already. I love beefy baby boys!


  4. Haha. I like Sarah's comment. Thanks Micc for the post. You are the coolest. And yes, that is something I would have said in 6th grade but, I have run out compliments and brain power. I miss you!


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