I’m blogging live from my tiny keyboard on my phone so forgive any spelling errors, incomplete sentences, or incorrect punctuation. Aka, this is a perfect excuse to be a lazy editor

We are heading south on I5, destination: Irvine. Sean and his wife have welcomed baby jakob to the family and we are making a trip to squeeze his newborn face and kiss his chunky cheeks. This trip marks isabelles first time to disneyland, her first vacation, and my first time away from jazz since we were married.

I’m not going to lie, I cried a little when I kissed him and sent him off to work this morning. He has a major project going on at work this week and it will carry on through the weekend, so he couldn’t come with us. Luckily, Scott and JaNae are awesome and offered to let us tag along with them. So here we are, the five of us, 300 miles to go.

So far Isabelle has done so well taking naps and being happy in the car that I’m seriously considering becoming a professional truck driver

I miss my husband, I’ll miss his warm toes in bed tonight. I miss his scruffy beard. I hate that I will be doing things without him. I’m sad I won’t see him until Monday night. This is the time I really wish I had attended hogwarts instead of ehs.

Well, I will let you know how the rest of the weekend goes. I’m sure by Monday, I will bow down to all single parents.

Ps. Blogging via phone is hard.

Pss. Remind me to post about our new fablous carpet. And also about the art of packing for a trip with a baby. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “roadtrip.

  1. Sounds like fun! Sad that Jazz couldn't come with you guys. Good luck with the single parenting for the weekend! At least there are other adults to help.


  2. reminder: more about trip. the move. packing with a baby for aforementioned you.


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