May Day Giveaway!

I have been a total slacker in the blogging department. I have a whole list of things to update and blog about but whenever I get free time I usually spend it in a coma in my bed. (Remember? My 7 month old? The anti-sleeper?)

Anyway, to make it up to you, I am hosting a fantastic


What is this, you might ask. Well, it’s a giveaway. On May Day. To mark my rededication to blogging during the month of MAY. Plus, it rhymes. What’s not to like?

CSN is sponsoring this whole schendig, so let me tell you what that means. CSN has a whole myriad of websites and stores- seriously anything from housewares to furniture, handbags to baby cribs. They have everything. And in honor of May Day, we are giving away a $60 gift certif to any CSN site your little heart desires.

Think of all the glorious options!

You could buy yourself a new pair of sassy summer sandals:

Franco Sarto Fiji in Brown

OR if your feet are too swollen for shoes, maybe this super versitile Skip Hop Diaper Bag:

OR Possibly this adorable yellow pitcher for someone special on Mother’s Day

Emile Henry Pitcher in Citron

Seriously, the possibilities are endless. Here’s how to win this magnificent May Day Giveaway (yay).

1) Leave a comment and tell me what you would buy from any CSN store. Keep in mind you can apply it to a larger purchase, like a crib or a couch. OR

2) Leave another comment if you are a follower of le blog. OR

3) Leave another comment if you blog about it on your own blog.

Aaaaand that’s it. Super easy. The giveaway will be open starting today, May 1, and will end Wednesday, May 5th at 7 pm PST, at which time Isabelle should maybe possibly hopefully be asleep and I can announce the winner.

Happy May Day! And Happy Shopping!

25 thoughts on “May Day Giveaway!

  1. Mic! Are you serious!?! This is totally great. I'm a sucker for a giveaway!So I would buy a nifty light fixture since I've been browsing for one lately…PS – It snowed yesterday. I bet you're not missing Utah?


  2. I follow your blog, love your funny personality and am certain we would hit it off great in person! I think from CSN I would shop for two new night stand lamps for our bedroom, just got the new furniture, now have to decorate the rest!Thanks! Here's to sleep…..


  3. What would I buy? Where do I begin!? We need everything for baby! A crib, a dresser, stroller, etc… I would start buying baby stuff if I won. The stuff we need.


  4. May Canadians enter? I would probably buy a set of Pyrex mixing bowls (but I'm not completely decided).


  5. Dude. You're awesome. I have never heard of CSN, so that's a cool new thing to explore. I would like to say I would buy a couch. That's what I really want. But I think I'd rather have carpet in my basement so I'll go with something smaller…. like a carseat. I'm going to need a new one eventually. 🙂


  6. How do I become a follower of you blog? I don't see a “follower” gadget in your sidebar. So, I blogged about it on my blog. So count me for one more!


  7. What an awesome giveaway. I would definitely love a carseat OR a couch. Just one for the basement=) I will also post about this on MY blog.


  8. I blogged about it on my blog =).


  9. Ummm… I don't know CSN, but I think I would use it toward a double stroller. (Wink Wink.)


  10. How could I have not heard of CSN?!? This is so cool of you guys! I think we would definitely put something like this towards baby furniture (or baby anything) since we haven't even started accumulating yet!


  11. Dannielle Malmstrom May 3, 2010 — 9:12 pm

    I would get the Franco Sarto Caverna sandals in off white! And I don't blog or I would totally blog about this of course 😉


  12. Dannielle Malmstrom May 3, 2010 — 9:13 pm

    Oh…and I'm a follower! 🙂


  13. I saw this on Jenn's blog. I would buy a new swimsuit!


  14. Hey… I'm a follower now! Thanks for the tip, cute lady. And I don't know mantle etiquette, by the way. I don't have a mantle. 😦


  15. Well hello CSN.. I've never heard of you before, but I sure think you're great. I would get a pair of sandals for summer. So many cute pairs to chose from!!! 🙂


  16. I would buy all the kitchen things in the world! Or at least sixty dollars worth. Also I want to win. So.


  17. I am now a huge fan! And I know EXACTLY what I would buy… a pair of pants! Let me tell you about my pants. The last pair of jeans I bought myself was 10 years ago in high school…yes 10 years! I have put so many patches in the bum, each pair (three to be exact) are super stiff so I have a nice, hard bum. My inseam is 37 inches and I simply can't afford $100 dollar pants. Besides, I think I need a reward for losing my baby weight 🙂


  18. I haven't looked at any blogs lately, so I'm just catching up. Don't know if this giveaway is still on but I think that yellow pitcher is now on my shopping list. Cool. (Or is it warm?)


  19. And now I'm a follower, Yo.


  20. Hey, So are husbands allowed to enter this contest? I mean a sister has entered, she's blood, i'm not. CSN has lots of tools that i would love to buy. I'd probably put it towards a battery powered weed whacker. (saving the world one day at a time by not buying a gas powered weed whacker).


  21. I would buy these sheets: 1200 thread count luxury sheet set-In toupe.Turns out I am a sheet snob and can't stand less than 400 thread count…and 1200 sounds like heaven!


  22. I would buy…chocolate…they don't have chocolate?…dang it!…I would buy…furniture!Cindy Sumsion


  23. I might also look into buying a new diaper bag…or some baby boy clothes (we'd ahve to wait a few weeks to do that). Or some other baby things that I'm sure we will need.


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