Happy February

I love February! The month of love. The month Jazz and I met. The month he proposed to me. Valentines Day and hearts and candy and flowers- whats not to like?

In honor of this lovely month, I am going to blog about all of the things I love. Family, food, products, treats, whatever. Basically- expect 30 days filled with pictures of Isabelle. No, I’m kidding. I like a few other things too.

Today I love….

Bearded boys who give babys baths. Clean fresh baby smell, cozy warm pajamas..you know what I’m talking about. I wish I could bottle how delicious Izzie smells after bath time and share it with you. Its that yummy. I’m lucky to have such a bearded boy on hand to share bath time with.

2 thoughts on “Happy February

  1. her facial expressions are the best. and jazz's beard is pretty awesome


  2. Isabelle is so cute. Her facial expressions are priceless. Valentines Day candy is so yummy! 🙂


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