Today I love…

…Dove Chocolates, preferably of the milk variety.

We’ve been spending the last few evenings at my parents’ house, since they put some new carpet in and have needed Jazz’s man muscles to arrange furniture. I have been a big help mostly keeping the couch from floating away. Its nice to have a reason to be over there, even though we would probably be there anyway.

Two things you should know about my mom: 1) She is crafty and 2) She loves chocolate. A lot. She really, really loves chocolate. Lots of different kinds- ice cream, candy bars, brownies, cake, whatever- chocolate is her main food group.

One of my favorite things about my mom’s kitchen is this cupboard with the delicious food bin. It always has a myriad of various treats and sweets to snack on. Among the Twizzler packs and weird halloween leftovers there is always a glass pyrex bowl full of little blue Dove chocolates. They are my favorite chocolate indulgence- smooth and creamy and just the right popable size.

Plus they have an uplifting message on the wrapper, so theres that. Perfect to stick in a heart shaped valentines bowl for your family/roommates/dogs/friends. Try some!

4 thoughts on “Today I love…

  1. Mmmm chocolate. Going to have to try those!


  2. Yum, Dove is the best. But really it's the dark chocolate that's outta this world. Smooth, melt in your mouth, kinda lingering taste.


  3. I just got two bags and they are delicious!!


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