You’ve had a birthday…

Shout horray!

My brothers have had a lot of birthdays- in fact today is their 28th! My mom has thrown a ton of great parties for them over the years- star wars, ghostbusters, space themes, etc. I remember one particular birthday when we were pretty young, I was 6ish? I’m terrible at remembering ages. (Also I’m terrible at guessing numbers, remember?) Anyway, so they were having a special party with all of their friends, cake and ice cream, presents, toys, etc.

Except I wasn’t there. I was sick as a diggity dog, on the floor in the bathroom with my pillow and blanket. I know I was so bummed- I hate missing things, like fun parties with treats. Especially my MOMS parties.

I was so sad and jealous and sick.

And then during the party Sean and Scott came to visit me. They told me about all the fun things they were doing- all the great presents they had opened from their friends. They were excited to eat cake and ice cream and finish their other birthday activities. They felt bad for me, all sad and jealous and sick lying on the bathroom floor, and they wanted to cheer me up.

From behind their backs they presented me with a brand new Slimer figure that they had just received as a birthday present. It was for me- so I would feel better.

Those are the kind of brothers I have.

The kind that are selfless and giving and kind.

I loved that Slimer with all of my heart and soul.

I’m also pretty fond of Sean and Scott. Thanks for my present.

Happy Birthday boys!

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