The other night I was exhausted and falling asleep in my bed.

It was all dark and quiet and snuggly and perfect.

Suddenly, I heard “pssst. look up.”

By the light of our baby monitor, Jazz was making shadow puppets.

So we giggled and played for a few minutes, making dogs and bears and elephants.

Then we remembered how tired we were.

And we fell asleep.

Jazzy, I love that you make me laugh every single day.

Happy 1 Year baptism anniversary!


5 thoughts on “1/24/10

  1. Woof! Looks like Mimi!How crazy that it's been a year…how your lives have changed since then. Looking forward to hearing news of your temple sealing!Love you and miss you!!!


  2. What a great year it has been for Jazz! So much has changed for you guys.


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