I hate not blogging for a week.
We are packing.
And moving.
And cleaning.
And it is hard.
I hate it.
I’m never moving again.
We have too much stuff.
I’m not kidding, way too much.
I’m too tired.
And I just want to go to sleep.
I wish I had cooler things to blog about.
But I have boxes on the brain.

4 thoughts on “12/17/09

  1. I HATE moving. Hate hate hate hate hate hate it.But a new adventure moving to Redding is great! So focus on the pot o gold.


  2. throw it all away!!! it is so awesome to move into a new place and only have to unpack things that are important. you actually feel like you are starting new instead of living in chaos. all three times we have moved we have gotten rid of about 40% of our stuff, and we've never missed any of it.


  3. I HATE that you are moving too, but your new adventure is going to be awesome for you guys!


  4. I really meant to say….”You just wait till you have been married 10 years and have a few kiddies, then you can say you have a lot of JUNK.”


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