Mitchell is Moving

Our apartment is empty. Our cars are stuffed full. I’m blogging live from beautiful and scenic Winnemucca, Nevada.

How did this week go? Well.. it definitely went, thats for sure. We used a great u-pack freight service, basically we stuffed a trailer full of our stuff, and someone else is moving it for us. Awesome, right? The trailer was delivered last Tuesday, and we spent four days packing, moving, lifting, boxing, taping, and cleaning. It will all be delivered to Redding on Tuesday. Jazz had to work most of the day today, so we drove about 5 1/2 hours this evening to get a good head start.

As I was packing up my 100th million box, I thought to myself, how in the sam hell did we accumulate so much junk. When we moved in to the apartment, we had NOTHING. Then we got married, got a lot of new stuff, had a baby, got even more new stuff. The results are catastrophic. Junk central.
It was a little sad pulling out of our apartment driveway today. We LOVED living in our little basement abode. After all, this was the apartment that we moved into as sparkly newlyweds. It was the place we brought our beautiful newborn baby girl home to. We have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and holidays there. We have so many wonderful memories, it will always be a special to us.
I’m excited about the move. I’m excited to unpack and make a new home for new memories. I’m excited to be close to my Mom and Dad. I’m excited for sunny days and warmer winters. I’m excited to explore the area with Jazz and Isabelle. I’m excited to embark on our new adventure together.
My dad ran into an old friend of mine at the mall last night. As they were chatting, he was telling her about our move home- he told her it was the “best Christmas present ever.”
I think I have to agree.

8 thoughts on “Mitchell is Moving

  1. OK. So I am sooo sad you are moving. I have tried to post many times and it hasn't gone through. I am happy for your new adventure but somehow feel you will never be back here! Please take care of yourself and let me know how you are! love you all!Maria


  2. It is very hard to move. But it is exciting at the same time. Isn't it funny how much you collect over the years? Ha! I am sad that we didn't get to double before you moved! Or before we moved. Ha! Best of luck to you!


  3. How fun that you are moving home. (and don't have to drive through Winnemucca 4 times a year for a while)You haven't mentioned what Jazz is going to do in sunny CA. Good stuff.


  4. Think about how great it will be NOT to make that horrible Utah to California drive anymore! I mean, it's not THAT bad, but it's boring and either ugly/dead/gray or deadly/snowy/sloooow. Where will you guys be living?


  5. Good luck with the move. I hate moving so much. We had to move and pack our stuff for the summer and I hated it. Horray for warmer weather!


  6. Good luck to you guys and I hope your new home will be better.


  7. How awesome to record all your 1st apartment rememberings! I am so happy that you can be close to your family!


  8. I'm not sure how I came about your blog, but I was surprised to see you had been in Winnemucca, NV. 🙂 My brother lives there… and the rest of my family lives a short little hop away in Battle Mountain… Small little world. I hope your move went well, and your all moved in and unpacked.Thanks,Ginny


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