December brings..

I love everything about December. I wish I could put it in my pocket and carry it around with me all year. This December has been one for the books for sure:
1. The return of Bearded Jazz. (Remember this post?)Oh, how I have missed you! As a tradition, Jazz grows a beard from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Except last year I convinced him to keep it a bit longer. (March maybe? April?) Yes, some of you may think he should be driving a big rig and chopping wood, but I think he looks lovely.

What is this, like the best picture of all time? Yeah, pretty much.

2. My one year anniversary from divorcing diet pepsi. My beloved soft drink was causing massive migraines since I was basically ingesting it around the clock. They like to trick you into believing that its a free treat since it has no calories. Don’t let them fool you! Anyway I kicked the habit cold turkey last November so it has been ONE MIRACULOUS YEAR without it. I’m headache free (yippee!) but my soul is empty. Diet pepsi, you will always be in my heart.

3. Freezing temperatures. Edit, BELOW FREEZING. Are you kidding me? I was watching the news this morning and the current temperature in Provo was zero. ZERO. What do you even do in this kind of weather? I’m afraid to take Isabelle out for fear she will turn into a sold block of ice. 17 degrees is very, very cold.

Oh hey, nice reflection Micci.

4. Big changes for the Sorensen family. In case you haven’t heard, Jazz has been offered a new job-at a hospital in Redding, California. Gasp! The three of us will be packing up and moving west sometime next week. Yes, as in, next week.

It is a bittersweet move- we love this area, we love our apartment, we love our ward. We have family close by, the mountains right next door, and great things to do in Salt Lake. But, California will be a new grand adventure for us. It is a wonderful opportunity and we are so thankful that Jazz was offered this position. More details to follow.

PS If you are wondering if we need help moving, the answer is yes.

6 thoughts on “December brings..

  1. Congrats on the new job! At least you get to move somewhere where you'll still have family close by! That's so great. Just so you know… the temperature right now where I live is 5 degrees… yes, at 2:12pm it's 5 degrees and the wind is blowing about 15mph making the temperature with windchill about -13. Awesome. Can I borrow your 17 degrees? 🙂 Good luck with all your big changes. Change is so exciting! xoxo♥♥♥♥♥♥


  2. You're moving to Redding?!?!? YES! That means when I'm in town I can pay a visit to meet li'l Miss Isabelle and introduce her to large Mister Duggle Bugs. Congratulations on the new opportunity!


  3. Congrats you guys. How exciting! Now pass some of the good luck in job hunting to our little family. Have fun in sunny C.A.!


  4. December is great! Freezing is all I have to say. It hurts to go outside. We are here to help you move…even though we don't want you to move! 🙂 We will do WHATEVER you need!


  5. You're moving? Congratulations on the job and Isabelle is darling. I'm jealous you're getting out of the cold!


  6. Your little baby is so dang cute! Can you believe this weather. It was -2 in Payson….way to cold. Good luck with your move!


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