Thursday afternoon. I’m managing a slightly fussy baby. I’m also trying to clean our house up simultaneously. I’m cleaning out the fridge (with one arm) and I toss some old pork into the garbage disposal. I turn it on, and run the water. And water runs all over my feet. Not just regular water. Dirty stinky pork water. Turns out a pipe under our sink has busted, and that giant tupperware of pork is now evenly distributed all over my cupboard slash floor.

You can probably imagine that I am ecstatic at this point. I love messes. I especially love stinky messes. There are pork bits in all of my dishtowels, all over the cupboard walls, all over everything. Cue Isabelle’s hungry cry.

So what do you do when you have a hungry baby AND a giant pork mess? You leave the mess. And you feed the baby.

Jazz came home early and put on his man tool belt and went to work on our sink. Three hours and three trips to Home Depot later, we had running water again, and a pork free floor. I threw all of our dirty pork towels into my washer, not really thinking, and then I had pork bits all over my washer and dryer. Not one of my finest moments.
I guess the lesson here is throw your leftovers in the garbage, not in the sink. And also have working pipes.

6 thoughts on “Porktastrophe.

  1. Gross! Of course it had to happen when Jazz wasn't home. I can only imagine the smell!


  2. “Life Happens”


  3. ew!!! what a mess. I'm sorry.


  4. compost leftovers!


  5. ICKY ICKY ICKY ICKY!!!!A better option than sink or garbage… compost! Its mandatory here in SF, and I'm really getting into the habit. So much better than sending it off to some landfill somewhere!


  6. Just count your little plumber blessings that Jazz could fix it! I remember once (and the last) time that my dear hubby tried to fix our kitchen sink. Picture this. He went outside, and fed the GARDEN HOSE through the front window. He went back in the house and dragged the dirty green hose through the bedroom and into the kitchen proceeding to stick it down the sink. He then went out and turned on the hose FULL FORCE. No need to describe the resulting disaster. What WAS he thinking? I guess he tried to jimmy rig his own version of Roto-Rooter!!It was his last attempt at any major plumbing.


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