How stuff is going.

So I guess it is time for a general update. I mean, pictures are fun and all but they don’t say “Hi, I’m sleep deprived.” or “I never get dressed.”

1. Isabelle is a dream baby. I’m not kidding, I don’t know what we did to deserve such a genuinely good little child. She eats well, she loves to sleep, she hardly has fussy time, and she is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. She is starting to grow out of her newborn clothes (’bout time!) and is moving into her 0-3 outfits. At the pediatricians on Friday, she was five weeks old and weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces (she was 7 lbs 4 ozs at birth). Both my dad and Jazz’s dad are coming out this weekend to meet her, which should be really fun.

2. Jazz is so helpful. Have I mentioned that? So. Helpful. I think he is the only reason why I am functioning normally and getting enough sleep. He is so good and natural with Izzie- its like he has been doing this stuff forever. He often takes the early morning post-feeding time so that I can get some sleep. He is my hero.

3. I feel 80% back to normal. I’m still really fat, which kinda sucks. I get the ok to hit the gym at my doctors appointment next week so that should be good. It took 9 months to put all that weight on so I figure I should give myself at least that long to get it all off. Isabelle and I take walks a lot, and it feels nice to be outside. I love this time of year.

A lot of my friends are popping up pregnant and are in their first trimesters. I feel like I was just there! I’ve been reflecting on my pregnancy lately, chatting with my friends, and I have concluded that overall I loved being pregnant. In the beginning, before I was showing, it was like I was carrying this secret around with me that no one knew. As I got bigger, I was so proud of my body and what I was doing, I felt so important. Towards the end, yes it was uncomfortable but it was just such an exciting time for us. Plus, I got to wear elastic pants. So, there’s that.

Throughout my pregnancy, I belonged to an online birth board- a group of about 4,000 women who were all due in September ’09. It was a great way to feel connected to other women going through the same thing that I was experiencing. Anyway, someone from my birth board who had a baby in September is already pregnant again. Holy fishsticks, isn’t that insane? Every time I am feeding the baby, or doing the dishes, or trying to sleep, I think “how does anyone do this with two kids. Or three kids. OR MORE.” I feel like I need to raise Isabelle until she is 18 and THEN have another baby. I’m sure when the time is right we will add to our family, and I will be thrilled to experience pregnancy again.

That being said. I don’t get dressed or put on makeup everyday. Sometimes we don’t even make it out of the house. I live in pajamas and wear my spit-up stained t-shirts with pride. This is by far the greatest and most fulfilling job I have ever had. I honestly feel like this is my divine calling, what I was put on this earth to do, and it feels wonderful to be doing something so rewarding.

And what would be a blog post without a picture:

7 thoughts on “How stuff is going.

  1. Yeah, I cAnnot believe that your friend is pregnant again!!! That is insane. Your daughter is beautiful! You are so lucky that you have a good baby. I think everyone's first baby should be good, just to cut them a break, and give themtime to learn. Love your blog!!!


  2. I agree that there is nothing better than being a mom. Living in pajamas and t-shirts that have been spit up on them is the best. Being pregnant is awesome. Even though I have been sick with this one am loving every second. There is just something amazing about being pregnant. I am going to check out baby center…probably going to get addicted from what you say about it1 The picture is precious!


  3. Micci & Jazz – You two made the most gorgeous baby EVER!!! I need to meet her and hold her.


  4. I have an online buddy group, too, and we've whittled down a smaller group of about 30 of us on a smaller site all our own. It's so great to have people to share with!


  5. i can't take it anymore. i'm driving to sandy tonight to meet izzie. she is so preciouslyadorableyamazingandcute! yes i made it a word. see you in like 20 hours. yay!


  6. So good to see you guys and to meet little Isabelle! She really is adorable. Love this photo! Please frame it.


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