Isabelle’s Newborns

We had some newborn photos taken of Isabelle when she was 14 days old. Here are our favorites- though ALL of them were fantastic, it took us forever to choose. Photos were taken by Laura of Means a Lot Photography in Heber City.

Which is your favorite?

10 thoughts on “Isabelle’s Newborns

  1. oh yeah! i just love these pics. I have two favs: the basket with pink and brown and the second picture. she's just adorable! we should have you guys over for some soup one of these nights. are you leaving next week for thanksgiving? if not, maybe we could get together monday or tuesday.


  2. I think my favorite is the one where she's wrapped up in the white material, like a package freshly dropped off from the stork. I can't believe how adorably tiny she was (and still is.)


  3. i love one, two and four, they all tie. although three is hilarious! i never would have thought to prop a newborn up like that, and i especially like her pinky in the corner of her mouth 🙂


  4. Aw, they are all adorable! I especially like the one where she's propped up on her hands (sleeping) and where she's crying – love the bling! Can't wait to meet her 🙂


  5. Can they all be my favorite for different reasons? I love the first one cuz she her eyes are wide open and she looks so precious. The second cuz she looks like a tiny little gift. The third cuz that pose is the best with her little pinky! The fourth cuz she looks so cute! The fifth she looks like a sleeping angel. The sixth cuz it is a classic newborn crying face! They are all so stinkin' adorable.


  6. I love all of them! But the 3rd one down is my favorite, she is beyond adorable =)


  7. The last one. Adorable.


  8. Can't do it. Quite the photogenic little gal you've go there. So sweet!


  9. Yes! COunt it! 🙂 And your baby is SOOO cute!! You can leave another comment with tradition if you want to 😉 Good luck! Tell Brick Oven I say hi!!


  10. I love thease picture and she did such a great Job sleeping


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