Up an at ’em.

So. Getting out of the house these days takes more planning than I ever thought possible. Yesterday, my good friend Adrienne married her best friend Jared in the Salt Lake Temple. We were invited to a lovely reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial to celebrate their nuptials. We haven’t taken the baby out much, but I really wanted to get to this schendig. This is how our day went.

10:30: Wake up from morning nap. Feed the baby.

11:00: Wonder what I am going to wear to the wedding reception.

12:00 Get baby down to sleep.

12:30 Take a shower, eat some sort of lunch

1:30 Start hair. (Its only 1:30. START HAIR. THIS EARLY)

2:00 Put on makeup (AGAIN, NOTICE THE EARLINESS)

2:15 Worry about outfit again

2:30 Feed the baby

3:30 Bathe and dress the baby

3:45 Stop to smell delicious clean baby smell

4:00 Sign card, write heartfelt note

4:15 Panic about outfit, finish hair

4:30 Pump to feed baby later

4:50 Go into outfit chaos mode

4:55 Strap baby in carseat, pack diaper bag

5:00 Throw on whatever fits me

5:05 Head out the door

Once we are out, we are good to go for a few hours. But man, it takes some serious coordination and planning. Anyway, the reception was awesome and totally Adrienne’s style. I am happy to report that little Isabelle behaved the entire time. That is, until she got home and decided she never wanted to fall asleep again.

Fancy Jazz with his Fancy Baby

The new Mrs. Jared Cardon

3 thoughts on “Up an at ’em.

  1. Way to go on the big outing at only 3 weeks. I am impressed. Your hair looked adorable!


  2. You never get to have the luxury of starting 30 minutes ahead of time EVER AGAIN. Looks like you made it in fine order, and with pretty baby intact. BTW your friends wedding dress was interesting. I never would have thought twice about it if I'd seen it on the rack, but it was quite simply beautiful. You can tell her I liked it. She cares!


  3. Yeah I hear stories that it is hard to even SHOWER everyday when you have a little one at home. It is good that you got to go out. :)You rock


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