Bath time…

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I’m naked! And cold!
Wait a minute. This isn’t so bad. This is kind of warm now. This soap smells good.

I love bath time. Let’s do this everyday.

All clean!

*Special thanks to Jazz for taking such tasteful pictures without showing her lady parts.

5 thoughts on “Bath time…

  1. So so cute! Jazz did great with the pics…impressive.


  2. Congrats on your baby. I haven't looked at blogs for a while and was excited to find out that you had your little girl. She is beautiful. You must have a nice camera too cause your pictures are always so good!


  3. Ahhhhh… I love bathtime. When Ryan walked by he said, “That's her baby? She does NOT look she just had a baby.” So, looking good, Micci!


  4. She is so cute! Want to meet to her soon.


  5. you both are adorable.


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