My September Shower

Today my mother-in-law and sister-in-law threw me a lovely pink and green themed baby shower. I know what you are thinking. What? Another shower? If you are keeping track, that is three. What can I say, I am a super lucky girl!

Bobbie and Britta had such cute decorations and we all enjoyed Chef Mo’s creations. I loved how casual it was- we all sat around and caught up on each other’s lives and then opened presents. We received so many fun things- Baby Sorensen is going to be so fancy! Gifts and food, how can you go wrong?

Homemade fruit tarts

Pastry puffs stuffed with chicken salad

Pink and Green Vanilla Cupcakes

Is this not the cutest cake you have ever seen? I mean, honestly. And it was TASTY. Its a little tribute to the cake my mom had at her shower when she was expecting me.

Mo baked approximately 239234 hours. I ate approximately 239234 things.

My family!

Almost 38 weeks. It hurts me to post this because of my twelvety chins. But I want to document this now so I can look back in a number of months and say oh my holy hell, look how chunky I was. Whatever, this too shall pass.

A BIG thanks to Bobbie and Britta for hosting the wonderful shower- and to Mo for baking and Sabs for being a fantastic assistant/chauffeur/dishwasher etc. Also, thanks for everyone who came and brought such fun baby gifts! Now more than ever we are SET and ready for this baby to arrive. Now- if we only knew when that will be…

5 thoughts on “My September Shower

  1. That is such a cute maternity shirt! All of that food looks amazing. That cake is cool. Yea for good family!


  2. You are so cute Micci! Good luck with the birth. She will be here before you know it.


  3. we're friends becuase you name your pictures like this: NO+CHIN.bmp<3 you.


  4. dang u really ready to pop! well hello britney jean! can Mo be my sister and bake food for me to eat? i can't wait for the arrival of your child aka my baby!


  5. Wow, Mo is quite the Chef!! Looks like it was all delicious!


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