37 Weeks

Dear Baby Sorensen,

Today is a big day for us- you are now considered a full term baby! Your wee little lungs should now be mature enough to function outside the womb, you are a fully developed little person. You are probably around 19 inches long and weigh somewhere between 6-7 pounds, about the size of a watermelon. In my opinion, you are probably a COSTCO watermelon because seriously, child, you are getting big.

In case you are wondering, I think you will find your earthly home quite comfortable. We have a place for your socks, for your clothes and booties and hats. We have a place for you to sit and swing, a place for you to sleep, a place for you to play. Your dad and I have done our best to prepare for your arrival, and we seriously could not be more excited.

I will confess, I am starting to get a tad uncomfortable these days. Carrying you around is hard work, and I have forgotten what it is like to not be pregnant. I still sleep really well, and you have successfully stayed out of my ribcage. However, bending over is nearly impossible and lately when I drop stuff its pretty much gone forever.

Last night as I was falling asleep you got the hiccups. Maybe from my pre-bedtime orange juice binge? I don’t know. Anyway, I put both hands on my belly- one hand could feel your little stomach hiccup, and my other hand could feel the hiccup travel up through your esophagus and out your mouth. I almost died right there, it was such an incredible feeling.

Sometimes I’ll walk by your room and think about what everything will be like when you finally get here, and I swear I can go from zero to choked up in about 3 milliseconds.

Anxiously awaiting,



5 thoughts on “37 Weeks

  1. Oh Micci,I am seriously excited for you guys! I can't wait to see little Miss and hopefully see you this weekend. 🙂 Keep her in there until Sunday or maybe Saturday night!Good luck!!!!! (do you like all my exclmation points?)


  2. I can't wait to meet this little one. Dinner this week? We want to go out before she comes. Also I want to see her room!


  3. Good luck! Wished I looked that good prego!


  4. I think you have a cute pego tummy! Micci, I hope I am half as cute as you are when I have a bun in the oven! You are amazing! Loev the posts. Very entertaining!


  5. I can't wait for you to have that post-pregnancy deep breath that you've gone without for months. It's so wonderful.


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