What my house looks like lately…

So lately I have been bitten by the Craft Bug. I found some really great blogs with cute and easy ideas and I decided to try some out before I get busy not sleeping and stuff. Also, am I the only one who had never been to Hobby Lobby?? Totally worth the drive out to One Million West, it was awesome. They had really great sales on cute baby fabrics, buttons, ribbon, etc. I would definitely make a shopping list before you go though- once I got inside I was like, I NEED ALL OF THIS. ESPECIALLY THESE TINY STAMPS. AND THAT FRAME. AND SOME GLUE.

The first project was to bedazzle some onesies for the baby. I started these before Mom came into town, but she helped me do some hard stuff, and even Sabs come up to show off her hand sewing skills. Behold- the results.

Mom made this receiving blankie with ruffles, Sabs appliqued this onesie with the same fabric and hand stitched the edging.

I made these ruffle bums and I can not stop giggling about them. Just think how much cuter they will be with an actual BODY in them! The purple one has a bird shape on the front, the multi-colored one has some cute buttons around the front collar.

More onesies- super easy to make, I cut out the elephant and whale patterns, ironed on some backing, and sewed around them. Incidentally, some of this fabric is left over from a past nursery project so she will MATCH her room. So cute, might barf.

We also fancied up some burp cloths (aka cloth diapers) with ribbon and fabric. Mom hand stitched the green ones- she can REALLY sew.

This is a little project I did today- its a crinkly tag toy. There are a few layers of cellophane sewn in between the fabric layers so it makes noise. Apparently babies love to play with tags and noise? This is the gossip, anyway. I’ve seen these in baby boutiques but did not want to pay boutique prices.

I also fancied up a couple of my own shirts- like that purple shirt in my shower photos. It was just a regular boring shirt and I sewed some little ruffle flowers for the shoulder from an old tank top that I never wear. Please don’t think I am being inventive, all of these ideas have mostly been stolen from other people/blogs/projects- I am merely copying and tweaking them for my own projects.

I still have some in-progress things, and I’ll update you on them once I finish them. Plus, Jazz brought home a 1/2 bushel of peaches on Friday that I am apparently making into freezer jam. Have I done this before? No, of course not. Can anyone say NESTING?

5 thoughts on “What my house looks like lately…

  1. Cute Mic! And yes babies do love playing with crinkle things and tags. What great ideas!


  2. Hey Miss Martha! I had no clue how handy you are. Isabelle's clothes are just adorable. Great job!


  3. Micci, I'm seriously impressed with your crafty skills, which is why I'm wishing that I sent our little gift sooner!! We didn't, however, and now we're needing your address. Would you mind? You can email it to me or Ty (johansen.nicole@gmail.com, tyjohansen@gmail.com). Thanks!


  4. Those are all so cute. I am impressed. You MUST share the blogs with me! I love the blanket and matching onesie. Can't wait to see her in the onesies with ruffle bums!


  5. Just plain old cellophane? I've wondered about that. Will it wash? Web sites please. Specs on the ruffle buns.You are a “Chip” off the ol' block.


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