Horse: The Update

You may recall that we have a friendly neighborhood horse that lives next door. See posts here, and here.

Remember when we had a poll to name said horse?

And remember when we thought it was a girl horse?

Well guess what. The horses is a dude horse. And his REAL NAME is:

But I still think he looks like a Nancy horse.

*Also please excuse my untidy blog, how rude of me to invite you over with it looking like this! I’m working on some updates so just sit tight.

2 thoughts on “Horse: The Update

  1. How did you find out his real name? What will you do when you move? You will have to bring your little girl back to meet the famous horse.


  2. Dalton? Boring. I think you should now call him “Nancy Boy” as payback for trying to fool you on his gender.


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