You guys.

I am having the BEST week ever. This week I started my *new* shiny part time schedule at work and I can not believe the difference in how I feel. I work four days a week in the afternoons. This allows me to sleep until EIGHT AM and get up and exercise and do laundry and run errands before I even have to work!

Jazz likes to play this game early in the morning when I am still sleepy.

Jazz: “Uh oh Mic you better get up and hurry, you are late for work!”

Micci: “mmmfshd what? urg? what time is it?”

Jazz: “Its 8:06! You are late.”

Micci “agh! wait. WAIT. you are teasing me. I don’t have to be anywhere! ha HA HA! HAHAHAH! HAHAHAHA.”

And then I gleefully skip out of bed and eat breakfast.

Partial list of things that I can do now that I am working part time:

  • Finish the nursery!
  • Look at all of our baby stuff!
  • Shop for the rest of our baby stuff!
  • Do nothing at all!
  • Eat fresh in-season peaches!
  • Waddle around the park!
  • Read a magazine!
  • Make/cook/serve a normal dinner!

*I am not a huge fan of excessive exclamation points (known as exclamation abuse), but I can’t help it today!


5 thoughts on “8/18/09

  1. Yea for Part Time days! We will have to do lunch or something fun soon!


  2. Drawbacks to this part time schedule: Leigh misses you until noon California time. BUT I am happy for you. 🙂


  3. Sweetness! I'm totally jealous. Nice going.So I had so much fun over the weekend. I love it when your folks come to visit and we get all family happy and stuff. Good times! Let's get going on this shower business.


  4. I am jealous! I wish I were: A- Pregnant B- working part time C- had time to get anything done D-Have time to exercise E- have any time to make a proper meal! You go girl!!!


  5. Ooo! That DOES sound nice! It's amazing how much full-time work hampers one's ability to regularly cook good dinners! Yea for you!


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