Experiment: Days 3-6

Thursday, August 13, Day Three

I worked like normal, and then my Mom and Dad, Scott, JaNae, and baby Madilyn came into town to play for the weekend! It was easy to avoid the TV since we weren’t home- and when we were home, we were so busy talking and watching Madi run around that we didn’t even think to turn it on. Day Three was the easiest day by far.

Friday, August 14, Day Four

Graduation Commencement exercises at BYU for Sabrina and JaNae, lunch at Tucanos (delicious meat on a stick!) and then over to relax and my Aunt and Uncles in Orem. Everyone wanted to do some shopping, but I was suffering from Fat Feet Syndrome, so I opted to stay and lay down for a bit. Being 34 weeks pregnant is exhausting, don’t you know.

Everyone was gone. I was on the couch. It was all quiet and cool and perfect nap conditions… I wanted so badly to turn on the TV and just have something on while I fell asleep… but I didn’t. I passed out, with the snoring pug dog at my feet.

Saturday, August 15, Day Five

Lazy morning with our house guests, waffles and the wii. This whole day was way too busy with errands and shopping and visiting family and driving to orem that I didn’t even think of tv. I did miss flipping channels late at night getting ready for bed. Veg time is important.

Sunday, August 16, Day 6

Church. Nap. Lunch with parents. Nap. OK FINE I CHEATED. I put on my planet earth dvd at nap time, it is educational and more like reading a book than watching tv. I had a glorious nap, and then we had dinner and sat on the couch… and just like an addict, it just took one trip off the wagon to completely lose focus and fall hard, back into the land of tivo.

So I made it six days.

But listen. During the week it was totally helpful to turn off the tv and accomplish things before bed time. It was highly effective and I definitely see the benefits of unplugging the tv for a few hours everyday. BUT. The weekend is a totally different story. The weekend was made to relax and unwind and catch up on episodes of The Soup.

I consider my little experiment to be a success- I would give myself a B+. But also this isn’t for a grade and I already graduated and you can’t make me go back to school so whatever. It was interesting to see what I could accomplish without zoning out to the tv, but not so interesting that I will keep this up for any extended period of time.

2 thoughts on “Experiment: Days 3-6

  1. you are so inspiring 🙂 for real though. i frequently want to do this. i hate the tv and i hate my computer but i spend my evenings on them anyway and never get anything done. and then go to bed hating them even more. but last week on vacation i left my laptop at home, big feat for me, and i didn't miss it one bit. it was great.i think it is time for less tv here. easier to do in the summer before the shows start, of course, but we'll see. thanks!ps you are amazing for scrubbing the floor, if it wasn't jazz who did that. i never scrub my floor let alone while pregnant!


  2. Impressive. Like you said the weekend is for relaxing and that is when I watch the most TV. Sounds like you had fun with the family!


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