Experiment: Days 1 and 2

I have received two reactions from this little project. Most people think I am crazy/stupid/boring. Other people think I am interesting/smart/brave. I’m not sure where I stand so far, I need a few more days to REALLY know.

Tuesday, August 11th, Day One

I worked until 5, got some groceries and went home. My normal routine is to put on pajamas, turn on a tivo-ed show, throw some laundry in, and make dinner. Instead, I put jammies on, threw laundry in, and *gasp* organized some stuff. I did the pantry, our bedroom armiore, and the linen closet. In under an hour!

From 6:30-7:45 I had my water aerobics class (which is basically me, some blue hair ladies, and some very overweight people. I feel great there) Then I showered and got ready for bed. Still no TV. Normally, I put some discovery channel on while I drift off to sleep. Instead, I finished a book I have been reading for weeks. My lights were out by 9:30, I was asleep by 10. I got NINE hours of sleep that night. That is three more than six, two more than seven, in case you were wondering.

Day One Summary: Okay the first day was totally easy. I had stuff to do, and it felt nice to get things accomplished. Down side, less Jazz time- since he goes to bed so much later than me, he stayed out doing stuff/watching tv when I went to bed early.

Wednesday, August 12th, Day Two

Worked until 5 again. I got home and put my jammies on and started laundry (how do 2 1/2 humans have so much laundry, honestly people). I won’t lie. I was tired. I sat in my chair. I held the remote. I wanted to just veg and unwind for a few minutes before Jazz got home.

Since I had a to-do list 13423409234 bullets long, I got up and started cleaning. We have company coming today (horray!) and the night before we have people over I go into what Jazz calls “Chaos Mode.” It usually entails me whirling around the apartment with bleach and the broom until things are shiny. Except these days it is less whirling and more shuffling.

I won’t detail how much I got done, because it is an extensive list and you would be reading it and just skip over it until the end of the paragraph. I understand, I’m the same way. Highlights: changed our sheets, washed our duvet, scrubbed the floor, laundry laundry laundry. The apartment is in tip top shape. By the time we finished (I say we because Jazz is incredibly helpful, he was a crucial contributor in the Clean House effort) I was totally worn out. I felt like Dorothy from the golden girls hobbling around and holding onto things. Babies are heavy, ok?

I laid in bed and I was really, really tempted to turn on the tv. I was too tired to read or to hold up a magazine or to do anything but completely zone out and let my brain turn to mush. I fought the urge, and instead, I fell asleep pretty quickly.

Day Two Summary: Harder than day one. There were a few moments where all I wanted was to tune in and witness the disastrous train wreck that is the Fat Bachelor. I will admit, I got a lot done, and we even played a few rounds of Yahtzee. Today I feel more accomplished and prepared. What does that mean?

The days to come will be the most challenging, with crazy hurdles such as the weekend, Sunday afternoon, family in town… you get the idea.

3 thoughts on “Experiment: Days 1 and 2

  1. I may have said you were crazy but you really are brave. It is AMAZING how much you can get done when the TV is off, even if it is just “in the background” it is a distraction. I agree with you that TV is my way to unwind & not think. Keep going!!!


  2. I am impressed! It really is amazing how much you can get done if you just put your mind to it. Who is coming to visit? Where do you take your water aerobics class?


  3. Go Micci, Go Micci! I wish you well…could this also be called nesting?:)


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