i think i watch too much tv.

i work. i cook. i clean. and then i tv.

we have about 50 season passes on our tivo.

that is ridiculous


starting today

August 11, 2009

i will go tv-less

for seven. whole. days.

bring on the books

and the nursery projects

bring on service

and time for exercise

i mean waddling.

i will keep you updated.

6 thoughts on “experiment

  1. Good luck. I tried that once. Turns out that TV time, is my unwind time. Without it I was stressed. But it is a good time to do it, since SYTYCD is over. 🙂


  2. Good luck with that! I am impressed that you are even trying. I could maybe do it now since there are no good shows on, but in prime TV time there is no way! I don't think Garret could survive without watching ESPN before he went to bed.


  3. Micci, it's all about motivation and setting priorities! Foregoing tv for more productive projects & activities gives us a greater sense of accomplishment and self! Lots of love for all of you! Only seven weeks to go!


  4. Wow. You're so strong, Mic. SO STRONG.


  5. Good on ya mate! We actually just went the opposite direction, upgrading cable to get SHARK WEEK in time! Best luck! Miss ya!


  6. Love it! You go girl! I've been essentially TV-less for about 13 years and it is definitely awesome! I hope you love it and get TONS done!


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