Week 33

33 Weeks

Dear Baby Sorensen,

Did you know that it is August? Now when people ask when you are arriving I can say “Next Month!” Now I know this is hopeful of me, considering I am due the very last day of September, and if you are like me at all you will do things exactly your way and come when you want.

This Wednesday marks 33 weeks of this pregnancy. You are almost 17 inches long and weigh up to four pounds. You are huge! Not nearly as huge as your Gigantasaurus of a mother, but that is okay. Your skin is becoming soft and smooth as you gain more weight preparing for life on the outside. Your kidneys are fully functioning and your brain and nervous systems are developing rapidly.

Up until this week I was pretty sure you were sitting breech, but I think you may have flipped around because I can feel you kicking up high now. You are so entertaining to watch and to feel, I just sat in church on Sunday and watched your movements.You LOVE going to the movies, I think because it is loud, and you wiggle the whole. entire. time.

I am definitely feeling the last trimester now- they don’t tell you in the beginning that your pelvis is going to “loosen and separate,” which interpreted into English means “haunt and torture.” I’m also growing out of my maternity clothes, which is never a good sign. Thank goodness for yoga pants and your dad’s t-shirts.

Little baby, a few weeks ago we had a shower to honor your upcoming birth into our family. Let me tell you- you are very loved. You are not only OUR baby, you will be a grandchild and a great grandchild and a niece and a cousin. This week I washed your tiny one-sies, your hand made blankets, even your little socks. Your closet is nothing but pink and white and ruffles and fluff- you are going to love it.

I know you are doing well in there because I can see and feel you move constantly- but if you need anything, just give me a holla. We are so looking forward to seeing your cute little face in just seven more weeks . (It’s fine with me if you come in five or six, I promise.)



3 thoughts on “Week 33

  1. you are one cute prego lady! Love the picture. And I love your posts about the baby. Looove it! keep em' up!!


  2. Micci-you look fabulous! I can't believe you are really so close! I know these last few weeks are crazy hard but you will endure them wonderfully and I can't wait to see your little miss!!!Congratulations!!!


  3. You look so cute! Yea for only 7 more weeks! Your letters to her are the best. By the way you are not huge.P.S. I need your list for the shower!!!


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