Stuff I am Procrastinating.

1. Clean the 1″ layer of dust off of our ceiling fans.

2. Wash all new baby items and organize/put away.

3. Buy a car seat. Install said car seat.

4. Write thank you notes from the baby shower.

5. Sweep our debris-filled stairway.

6. Register my car in Utah. Hate the DMV.

7. Pay fine for having car registered in California. Hate the Police Dept.

8. Attend aqua aerobics class at the gym.

9. Write a letter to discovery channel stating my disappointment in Shark Week 09. I’ve already seen everything, don’t pretend it is new. Old footage = old news.

9. Hang up new glorious birthday art around apartment.

10. Obtain and fill storage unit with winter items and other junk.

I’m feeling nesty and motivated, until I get home from work and collapse in a heap on the couch. I know this is a side effect of me growing an entire human being, but still, its so hard to get stuff done these days. The other day I bought baby hangers and thought it was a HUGE accomplishment, like YAY what TREAT do I deserve?! If I can get a meal prepared and on the table, send me the wife of the year award.

I have so much to do that I can’t fathom beginning anything so daunting so instead I sit around and watch the Fat Bachelor. Because that is productive, obviously.

5 thoughts on “Stuff I am Procrastinating.

  1. I love your to do list! Cleaning the fans is the worst cuz then you have to clean everything else too. (I am also procrastinating on that one.) Can't wait to see your new artwork! Good luck getting everything done.


  2. You are too cute. I'm sure you will accomplish some little thing each day and pretty soon have the STUFF all done. Gotta love DMV — not.Happy b-day to Jazz. Shower looked fun – yes your mom is amazing. Must have good genes! (oh wait, have I mentioned that before?)


  3. Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard at your last paragraph. We call it the Fat Bachelor around here, too.


  4. 11. Hang out with Adrienne and Jared.


  5. sounds exhausting. Scott registered his car in oregon for a long time especially since his dad was on the loan as well…..then we had to go back later and pay 500 dollars in taxes for the previous years from registering it in oregon


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