Jazz’s Overdue Birthday Blog

Jazz: “So when are you going to post my birthday blog.”
Micci: “Um what birthday blog. I wrote you a blog ON your birthday.”
Jazz: “Yeah I know. But what about the after-birthday blog, with all the pictures.”
Micci: “Oh, I wasn’t planning on that, but I will GET RIGHT ON IT.”

Jazz: “K thanks.”

So here is your birthday blog, Jazz. We didn’t take very many pictures, which is a shame because I spent the better part of an hour and my own oxygen blowing up balloons and hanging crepe paper. We mostly just played Catan and ate cake and watched you open your magnificent presents.


30 Candles

Magnificent Presents.

We actually didn’t even get any pictures together! Sorry honey. Next time you turn 30 I will document it better. Love you.

1 thought on “Jazz’s Overdue Birthday Blog

  1. Funny that he asked you that! Did you make his cake or did Morgan? Either way I want to celebrate my birthday with your family…the cakes always look delicious! Are the new Wii games fun?


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