And Many More..

Happy 30th Birthday to my Superhero Husband!

Jazz doesn’t seriously wear a cape. Well, not all the time anyway. This cape was created to mock his uncanny resemblance to Chowder from the movie Monster House. I just spent like an hour looking through photos to find one to post and there are so many good ones I couldn’t choose.

This was last year on this exact day. *not a Morgan Cake, hers are much better.

The thing about Jazz is he is genuinely a good person. He is helpful and kind, unselfish and giving. He is constantly thinking of other people and putting them first (myself included!). I’ve only celebrated 1/10th of Jazz’s birthdays with him so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Happy Birthday Mr. Sorensen, I love and adore you!

4 thoughts on “And Many More..

  1. Happy Birthday to Jazz! Hope that he has an awesome day. He is such a great person!


  2. You're the best, I love you wife! Thanks for spoiling me on my birthday!


  3. You are so cute!! I love reading your blog:) Sometimes I can't keep up with it all…because you write a lot…but I LOVE to read it:) You are so cute pregnant. Morgan's cake was awesome!! Tell her hi for me:) I can't wait to see your baby:)


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