Baby Shower Bonanza

Morgan keeps texting me about updating- so update I shall. Me and my baby daddy spent the weekend in Redding with my family. This is what you need to know about Redding.

1. It rivals Hell as the hottest place ever.
2. It boasts the best burritos north of Mexico City.
3. It will always feel like my home.

I love visiting our house- it is so comfy and homey and makes me feel like a kid again. My mom hostesses better than Martha Stewart and when it is time to leave I usually run and hide and have to be lured out from under the bed by a burrito bandito dangling on a stick.

Things are changing at home just a little bit. My bathroom drawer, formerly filled with makeup and hair products, has been refilled with baby bath things, the toilet paper cupboard re-arranged to accommodate swim diapers. Long lost favorite toys from my childhood are reappearing. I love this kind of change.

My female family members threw me a lovely baby shower on Saturday at our house. Everyone worked so hard to prepare- everything looked so pink and fluffy and babylicious.

The food was so scrumptious.

Handmade burp clothes and receiving blankets.

How cute are these favors?

Me and Scrabs

Leigh and Mex came up from San Francisco and spent the weekend in Redding. Seriously, the best of friends- real, true, life long friends.

(I guess this doubles as my 30 week shot too. Man, I forget how big I am until I see pictures.)

So many people made handmade items- everyone was so thoughtful and generous and we really appreciate everything we were given. Our baby will never ever go naked, so thats good.

Jazz had some testosterone man time at the lake and wake surfed for the first time. I wish I could have been there to see! I wasn’t allowed on the boat (don’t want that uterus falling right out) so I spent a LOT of time in the pool.

After a fantastic weekend, gifts galore, Catan, birthday celebrations, a couple of burritos, lots of floating, we returned to Utah on Monday.

I just want to say thanks to my Mom, who constantly works so hard to make me feel special. When I got home, I found some surprises in my closet. She had gone through her storage and found tiny baby items from when I was a newborn. Teeny little outfits, pink booties, special blankets- she had them all cleaned and pressed and out for me to look at and use. She had dad restore my white buggy and she re-threaded ribbon through the wicker- just little things that make it so wonderful to be her daughter. Thanks, Mom.

4 thoughts on “Baby Shower Bonanza

  1. Baby showers are a lot of fun. I so glad your was perfect I miss Redding. Micci your mom is the best and the are great grandma.


  2. Micci I am so confused I have not been on blogs forever but did you guys end up moving to Cali? By the was you really are so dang cute prego.


  3. yah this made me tear up. i just love you to peices!!!! also – thank you baby, for blocking my fluffy stomach in the pic. you're the best baby ever.


  4. Your baby shower looked like a lot of fun! Cute pink girly things..what would that be like? Your mom is so awesome and it will be so neat for you to have those things! Your Dr. wouldn't let you be on the boat? I went boating all the time! I am glad Jazz got some good boy time!


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