Bootsie, the Birthday Shark

I had a fantastic weekend, thanks to a lot of great people.

I turned 25. A quarter century. I’m pretty okay with this.

I have far too many awesome things going on in my life to be concerned with a silly number.

May I introduce you to Bootsie, the Birthday Shark? Let me back up. Mo and Jazz asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate my birthday. After thinking long and hard, I decided I wanted a Shark Cake. And purple helium balloons. Look, I know its weird but its just what I wanted, so deal. Anyone who knows me is aware that I love sharks (Shark week is like Christmas to me) and my favorite color is purple. Done and done.

Morgan took the shark idea, raised it to the 9th degree, magnified it by a trillion, and BAM, presented me with this glorious masterpiece.

A whole ocean of surprises! Can you believe the cuteness?

Did you miss the teeth? They are tiny marshmallow bits.

Can you see the crab? And the tiny turtle? And all the fish?

And if you have ever tasted Mo’s cakes, you know they are to-die-for.

We ate my favorite chinese food.

We saw HP 6. Loved it.

Stacy surprised me with delicious cookie dough cupcakes at work.

I received some great gifts.

We played some serious Catan.

I felt loved and special and exactly as a girl should on her birthday.

Thanks, everyone.

And thanks to Bootsie, the Best Birthday Shark ever.

PS: Mom I know you are reading this and are thinking “oh heavens to betsy, what has Micci done to her brown hair? She has gone goth!” Mom, cool it, it IS dark, but it will lighten a lot, and I’m trying to maximize my time between trips to the salon. I promise it isn’t as dark as it looks. Also, see you tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Bootsie, the Birthday Shark

  1. That seriously is the coolest cake ever. Morgan is amazing! So glad that you had an awesome birthday! Have fun in California…when you get back you need to teach us how to play Catan.


  2. Micci, I love reading your blog. And that cake is amazing, seriously. And Happy Birthday to you! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day–everyone deserves that on their birthday!


  3. That is the best shark i have ever seen! Did you eat him? Sounds like you managed to pack Micci B-day month into just a few days! I knew you could!


  4. that cake is AMAZING!!!!!


  5. I like your hair dark. I am glad you had a great birthday.


  6. “Heavens to Betsy” happy birthday and love to all!!


  7. that cake is killer. get it.killer.


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