I rock the crocs.

Look, people.
I know they are hideous.

I know they are offensive.

I know they defy all of my style/fashion knowledge.

But seriously.

Jazz gifted these to me for my 25th Birthday yesterday- I’ve been wanting them for a looong time. (Remember this post?) They had to be the closed toed kind, no vents (hello, snow) and black. And they are perfect.

I know I look like a total square walking around with these (plus a pregnant belly, priceless) but these shoes have tiny little croc nubbins in them that make me feel like I am getting a foot massage wherever I go. I’m excited to take trips to the bathroom at work now because its like, hey, I can get a massage the whole way there and the whole way back.

You may see me waddling around with these bad boys on my feet- you may point and laugh and mock me. But in case you haven’t noticed from knowing me slash reading my blog, I don’t really care what you think. Me and my feet are in croc heaven.

3 thoughts on “I rock the crocs.

  1. Just to give you heads up, Crocs are going bankrupt due to some series of unfortunate events, so you may want to stock up. You know, so the day they are no longer available, you can sell them at 2x the price, or just keep 100 pairs for yourself, whatever you prefer.


  2. Crocs should always be available to pregnant women, despite the financial woes of the company.


  3. My mother in law bought me some for Christmas.. I think it was… and yeah! they rock. They dont match anything really… but meh.. who cares!


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