Notes on a public pregnancy…

1. People will stare. They are not afraid to make eye contact with you and give you a half smile of pity like, “Sweet heavens above, I hope you go into labor soon because you are huge and miserable and should be on a table pushing right this minute.”

2. People will stare part two. In a rude way, like “why on earth do you subject yourself to public display. Have some common courtesy and stay home locked inside.”

3. People will be helpful. They will open doors, let you cross the street, carry groceries to your car. I appreciate this immensely. Even if they are just a little bit creepy.

4. People will tell you crazy things. Like the strange woman who told me I must be having a boy because I was carrying so low. Actually, lady, its a female baby and I have a long torso. But, good call.

5. People will give you unsolicited and unwanted advice concerning hospital/delivering/names/feeding/sleeping/schedules/outfits/money/future colleges. Usually I just smile and tell them thank you for caring enough to tell me something so important. Sike.

6. People will say careless things. Like, “Wow you must be due any day now!” or “What, a few weeks left?” Nope, sorry, not due for another five weeks. A salesperson in Bath and Body today told me that her friend was having twins and I don’t look nearly as big as her. Um….I’m only having one baby, so thankssss.

7. People will say careless things part two. I have had at least ten people tell me “Man, that wasn’t very smart planning- you have to be big and pregnant the entire hot summer!” Yes, I am aware of this, thank you. It is summer. It is hot. I am big. Obviously there isn’t a lot I can do about it at this point. No “edit undo” option.

8. People will tell you horrifying labor stories. About a failed induction or a faulty epidural or a c-section after 250 hours of active labor. Horrifying. I do not need to know if your cousin’s friend’s brother’s wife could not walk for two weeks.

9. People honestly mean well. Despite their human foibles, they really do mean well.

7 thoughts on “Notes on a public pregnancy…

  1. I am guilty. Don't hate me. It won't happen to you.


  2. Ha ha i remember that feeling all to well. I have a cute gift for you. Can I get your address and I will send to ya:)


  3. I understand COMPLETELY!!!! nice use of exclamation points) I had someone a couple of weeks ago ask me where I lived and after telling them she said “shoot! I thought if I lived in —— then I could come and help you out.” I am not kidding! Random stranger!


  4. The summer comment makes me mad. There is NO SEASON that makes pregnancy comfortable. I was in my first trimester during the summer, and being queasy/barfy in the boiling heat is evil. Being fat and wearing clothes that make you feel bulkier is not any more fun than wearing less. Wearing flip flops during the winter because your fat feet don't fit anything is gross. Pregnancy is hard no matter WHEN.I can't believe how close you are, though! I'm so jealous right now that you get to go through that incredible experience of seeing your baby for the first time, making eye contact for the first time, watching your husband stare at the baby for the first time… It may be horrible now, but it will be sheer bliss in 5 weeks (+ or -, hopefully minus) regardless of whether you can walk after delivery.


  5. lol! it is true. I see it every day! When there is a pregnant woman, everyone acts like it is a free invite to give unwanted advice! Sigh.


  6. Guilty here too. I try not to, but pregnancy and having kids is like the common denominator for pretty much everyone, so we all have an opinion I guess. But, hang in there. You are on the home stretch now. And then you will have a beautiful baby girl!!


  7. U have to agree with everyone, people do mean well even thou they are truly stupid when is come to prego women, I know I went though I had a hard time getting prego and lost a baby so no one really said much to me in the ways they have to you. Wow hang in there it always gets better. When your little girl comes it will not matter how much weight you have gained. That little face meeting you for the first times it truly heaven.


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