Week 24

Dear Baby Girl Sorensen,

Today you are 24 weeks and 0 days, and according to all literature I have been pouring over, you are considered viable at this point. What does that mean? It means that if you were to come now, that there have been records of babies surviving as micro preemies born at your same ago. Don’t get the wrong idea baby, you need to stay in there and cook. If I am right, and I usually am, you are stubborn like me and you probably won’t make an appearance until December. I am kidding, if you wait that long you will definitely be put in time out.

You are at least a foot long now from head to toe and weigh about a pound and a half and are about the size of a papaya. I believe that a cantaloupe (20 weeks) is larger than a papaya, but I am not in charge of the fruit to baby ratio so I can’t really change it. Your lungs are developing little branches and your brain is learning at a rapid pace. Your skin is red and wrinkly and your eyes are almost fully developed- soon you will be opening them.

Baby, I can feel you squirm and move and flip around and it is really fun to know you are in there. You move the most in the morning about 9:30, and at night when I am at home with your dad. You rode in an airplane for the first time last weekend, and you were pretty active, rollin around in there like you owned the place. We also went to Disneyland and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were born with a churro for an arm.

I am still feeling great for the most part, just getting bigger everyday. Remember that one time when we went to Anaheim and I brought pajamas that I hadn’t worn in awhile, and I put them on, and they didn’t even come close to fitting? That was funny- great joke baby, really a good one. Your sense of humor must have developed recently.

So listen kid, six months down, four more to go. Who ever coined the “9-month” pregnancy term is delusional and should be shot. It’s 40 weeks people, 40 weeks. Your dad still likes to find your heartbeat on the doppler at night, and he is actually better at it than I am. We can’t wait to see your tiny fingers and tiny toes and your little face. I think you will probably have your dads eyes and lips and my nose and brown hair. What do you think?

Talk to you soon little baby.



2 thoughts on “Week 24

  1. So cute! The 40 week thing is so true…anyone who has been pregnant knows that it is 10 months! Isn't it the best to feel them moving all around! I loved it!


  2. Micci – I just have to say I love your week updates, they are so sweet/cute/funny! oh and I am super excited for you and Jazz. 🙂


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