SYTYCD: The Season Rundown in 500 Words or Less

1. Cat Deely wears some amazing/crazy/fugly/awesome outfits. I always look forward to the look of the week. (Tonight’s verdict- a tiny bit spiderweb looking but in a glam way)

2. Mia Michaels. MIA MICHAELS. I love her with all of my non-dancing heart. I not-so-secretly wish we were BFFs and she would call me to tell me everything about the show. But she doesn’t. Her pieces are always thoughtful and passionate and entertaining, which is the most important part. Also- her hair is just as fierce as her commentary. Missed her tonight, but I know she will be around this season.

3. Brandon (bio: Black, ballet dancer, cut last year just before Top 20, hated by aforementioned Mia Michaels) is a GORGEOUS dancer. He is a-m-a-z-i-n-g to watch. Not super amazing to listen to once he opens his mouth, but holy hot cheese he can dance. (A little wasted on his foxtrot tonight, but stay tuned, for real)
4. Randi (bio: Blond with a bob, from Orem, Utah, famous for the unitard) is super adorable and I will be voting for her. There always seem to be LDS dancers in the Top 20. What does this mean? Mormons are talented, obviously! Tonight, Randi was cursed with unfortunate song choice. Great choreography, sad sad music.

5. Hot bodies running amuk. If you ever need some motivation to get your saggy bum to the gym, turn on this show. Everyone is rock hard, super toned, long and lean, with like 1% body fat. If watching them doesn’t make you vomit, at least it will make you go work out.

6. Two days of entertainment- right in a row! Totally gets me through the mid-week sad slump caused by the impending doom of work. Tivo makes it super easy to breeze through the two hour shows. What did we ever do before Tivo?

7. Anyone else see some of the Top 20 tonight and go, “Um, who are YOU, I have never seen you before.” Definitely missing some of my very favorites, such as Natalie. Or Jessica. What was her name? Natalie. Her time was cut too short in my opinion.

8. Jeanine and Phillip danced Tabitha and Napoleon’s “Mad” tonight and it was killer. You expect T and N to be kinda of ghetto with the stuff the lay out on the table, but no, don’t be fooled, a happily married Caucasian couple. Definitely keep your eyes open for more of them. *My performance pick of the night.

9. I miss Chelsie. I will always miss Chelsie.

10. There will be a Fall Season in addition to the current season! Bring on those 3 AM feedings, thanks to Tivo I can watch whenever I want.

Who will be kicked off tomorrow? I predict Tony or Vitolio for the boys, maybe Paris or Asuka for the ladies.

4 thoughts on “SYTYCD: The Season Rundown in 500 Words or Less

  1. K- really going to totally blame you (&krystal) for this new SYTYCD addiction. It's almost as bad as DWTS. Anyway my theory on all the LDS/Utah dancers is because they can't do any of the REAL fun stuff until they get married that they will act it out in skimpy clothes in the name of “dance”. Just my own theory but really love this show. Not sure who is who yet but the first dance of the night, LOVED IT!!! Still have another hour to watch but as you mentioned thank goodness for TIVO!!


  2. DON'T YOU TALK ABOUT PARIS LIKE THAT MISS. SHE IS AMAZING. AND REALLY? THE UNITARD CHICK? She is not yet my fave. We clearly have some disagreements. Something we both agree on? MIA IS OUR BFF.


  3. Chelsea was FANTASTIC! I was so glad to see her on DWTS! I missed the first episode of the show (the DVR was hating me) but I'm psyched about this season and that they're running 2 consecutive seasons this year. I'm kind of angry at your imaginary BFF Mia for being such a meaney to Brandon (who I adored since last season when he didn't make the top 20. Him and Evan) but as a previous dancer I am totally in love with her choreography! I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tabitha and Napoleon.


  4. A fall season?!?!?!??!? You just made next semester that much easier for me. Thank you, Micci.And I have spent many nights longing to get a text from Mia M. saying how bad she feels for never having texted me before.


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