The Peg

You guys.

I fell in love today.

With a stroller.

Jazz and I spent the day registering and looking at baby stuff and fainting over ludicrously expensive prices. Of course it was basically a dream come true for me. I’m not going to lie, I was less than impressed with Babies-R-Us. They didn’t have that many strollers to try out, and it was kinda crowded, and I had the hiccups which always frustrates me.

We registered, and by that I mean Jazz went around zapping anything that had obnoxious butterflies or cheesy pink themes. (“Look, its just genetics, our kid will be cheesy.”) I was a bit overwhelmed looking at the display of bottles- how many bottles does a nursing child need? And which kind? Tall ones, angled ones, baggie ones, easy flow ones- too many options. Not to mention, it is inevitable that we will stock up on one kind, and this baby will come and she will hate the ones we have purchased and we will only have to buy more.

Also, the bedding that we ordered from arrived in the mail this week. I was so excited to have found a girly bedding that was still stylish. Well, it came, and the color resembled pink Hawaiian barbecue vomit. It was way too hot pink for my tastes and we returned it today. I was very optimistic about that bedding and now we are back to square one. Dang.

I digress.

The brand of stroller/carseat that I have been reading about and looking for is Peg Perego. Babies R Us had one stroller (not the style we want) and didn’t even carry the car seat. Consumer Reports rated the car seat as super safe, which is important, and all the reviews I have read have said encouraging things. We found a store called USA Baby that carried the Peg Perego line so we zipped over there after registering at Target.

I literally squealed in delight when I saw that they carried every single product created by Peg Perego. We got to test out the cars car seat and all the stroller styles- we rolled them around, folded them up, played with the seats. I was in heaven.

The stroller that we love is called the Peg Perego Switch. It is a newer stroller, and the main selling feature for me is that the bassinet part can be completely removed so the infant car seat clicks right into the stroller frame. It is called the switch because you can arrange the seat so the baby is facing you, or facing the world. It has good storage, folds up pretty small, and isn’t too heavy.

I literally did not want to leave the store without it, but my more logical husband reminded me that we don’t need it yet because our child is still in my womb. Good point, honey. The greatest drawback on this stroller is the price, which is always hard. Another customer in the store today said “Oh, we love that line of strollers, my kids all have them and they have lasted through all their babies.” Look, if this lady was bold enough to interject into our conversation, she must know what she is talking about.

So question. 1) How much did you/do you use your stroller and 2) is there a specific one that you love?

PS: Using spell check used to be a luxury, now it is a neccesity. What is happening to my brain?

8 thoughts on “The Peg

  1. yes, definitely go with one where you have the option for just a frame and a carseat! don't buy a travel system! but it sounds like you've got that part down. we bought a very light frame that would fit his seat, it was so cheap and convenient; it was definitely the way to go!


  2. I'm with Kaylene…travel systems suck. You need to connect with Amy Packer. They have a PP and the two of you have so much of the same taste. Seriously, hop on over to her blog and question away. She's cool and can shed some recent insight. A stroller is a must have since you don't want to be carrying a big honking seat around on your arm…trust me…trust me three times!!!!


  3. Micci, It sounds like you are having the same issues I had when shopping for my little one. It can be so frustrating. Yes, we have a Peg and I worship it!We have the SKATE. I use it all the time because of it's simplicity. I literally can flip a 180 with three fingers, my hip, or elbow. It rocks. I also love the smaller, single, front tires. It slips through many smaller places, even the aisle's at Gymboree, now that's a nightmare!We purchased ours at The cost is still expensive, but we found it to be the cheapest anywhere. Plus it ships right to you for free!Another resource I thought I would share is on crib bedding. I am picky, picky, picky, and I wanted something clean and contemporary. I found this company online who makes custom bedding, their site is They have a online design studio so you can create your own combination of fabrics and design your own bedding, and it ships within in a few weeks. I totally recommend it. It was also nice that I could order additional crib sheets.Let me know if you run into any other problems and I will be sure to offer my findings. Congrats.Amy


  4. I am in LOVE with my Peg. I couldn't live without it! I wish they would have had the Switch when I had Tanner. I have the Pliko P3 and it is awesome! I loved that my Peg car seat could clip into the stroller (used that tons when he was little). Peg all the way! Bummer about the bedding! Have you looked at bedding at Babinsky's? That place is awesome and it fits your taste! Everyone has a different opinion about bottles…I wouldn't buy tons until you know which ones she likes!


  5. That stroller sounds great but the only problem I see is that if you were to be a runner or want to run in the future, you need a jogger. I still use my stroller. It is a necessity when you go shopping even when they get older. The one I have is a jogger and has the car seat that snaps right in. It can also be used for them when they get older. There is the base that stays in the car and the same car seat snaps in the car or the jogger. I love it. I am still using it now for my second child. I use it to go running, go shopping, go to the zoo, walk to the park, etc.


  6. I rarely used my stroller. We didn't go many places when Aido was little & then before I knew it all he wanted to do was walk. I think if you have more then one, close together then it would be necessary. Sorry no real insight. Hope to see you soon!


  7. I would like to offer you this insight, at the risk of sounding slightly tacky…try CraigsList. I've seen several Pegs on there, a few that were listed as brand new. Yay for that. Also try KSL…


  8. I have a Graco carseat and a Snap-N-Go frame. I don't use it too often because I've found that a sling is much easier to stuff in a diaper bag. I really like the lightweight frame, though. Travel systems are HUGE, and that really turned me off to the idea. I kind of want a jogging stroller, though, which makes no sense as I HATE running.


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